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Can a newborn baby sleep in a portacot at nights? Lock Rss

Hi ladies, I am hoping someone can help me. We have a really great cot in the nursery but have decided we want a bassinet in our room for the first few months.

A few weeks after our baby is born we are travelling interstate for a family wedding so I was thinking we might be better off getting a portacot with a bassinet option & removable change table etc. so we can use this when we go away as well for the wedding, as at nights, other occasions when we travel and also when our baby grows for during the day etc.

Is it safe to use the bassinet on a portacot everynight for the first 3 months or would I be better of just getting a standard bassinet??

Please help! Many thanks x

dd1 slept in a portacot with bassinet insert for 3 or so months as we moving interstate when she was 18 days old so no point in setting cot up for 2 weeks then when we moved we stayed with my parents for 2 months until we found a unit, she is fine dd2 sleeps in it now for her day sleeps as that way her sister cant reach her and wake her up
DD is currently sleeping in a portacot with the bassinette attachemnt. We bought her a Tetra snugglebed to put in there while she is so little though. But when she gets too big for the snugglebed, she will be put into the portacot bassinette smile

Thank you very much for your replies. Does anyone else know whether it could pose a problem at all? I called one of the baby chain stores and the sales women who I spoke to said that a portacot bassinet wouldn't provide enough back support for a longer term sleep arrangement for bubs - she said a weekend or so would be fine but not every night.

Any opinions about this?

Thanks heaps. x

That is what I was told from one shop, but I asked my CHN and she said its fine, coz I was worried. As I said earlier, I bought a Tetra Snugglebed for a bit extra support for DD and for her to feel more secure in the early days smile

I have a bassinette and a portacot w/ bassinette insert. #1 used bassinette til 4mths then into her big cot in room but #2 went from bassinette in our room into portacot in our room at about 3mths til 6mths cause I wasnt ready for her to be in her own room and she was too big for bassinette. #3 is still in bassinette but she got her own big cot for xmas, she too will prob use the portacot for a few months instead of going into her room at nights (she's almost too big for her bas). I dont think it is dangerous but I do think the base they come with is too hard and would advice getting a piece of well fitting foam cut to size for a mattress.

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

DD3 months has been in a portacot bassinet with portacot mattress since we came home from hospital. We start her off in a bassinet but changed her to the portacot as she was too long when she was born and from 2 weeks was pushing herself from foot to head of the bassinet.

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As long as it has the hard insert i think youll be fine.
We had our bub in a porta cot for the first month just to have her in the same room mainly i think.
And its so much better than having them in the bed with you, for back support i mean.

Hi, Im a fostercarer and found the easiest and safest thing to use was my pram which is emmalunga so maybe you could look at a cheap bassinet style pram which is portable and i found bubs was so happy as they felt like were in their bed where ever i went. Not a big fan of porta cots.... I would ask manufacturer of porta cot you intend to buy if they think it would be safe to put bassinett in porta cot.... also on travelling go as light as possible so pram doubles for 2 things....
goodluck all the best...
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