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Whats a good pram? Lock Rss

Hi everyone! I need to buy a new pram (as the current one fell apart this week) I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what is a good brand/model. We are hoping to try for baby no.2 this year, is it worth buying a single which converts to a double?
Looking forward to your feedback.
I don't know a brand off the top of my head but have you thought of buying a pram that has a todler seat attachment. I think they are a good idea and wish I had of stood my ground when Hubby and I bought a pram. My opinion as to why they are great. Once your bigger child is happy to walk you can take the attachment off and it is a normal pram. I have a few friends that have the tandem pram where they are one behind the other and not many of them like it as the one in the back when bigger kicks the one in front and doesn't have much leg room.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

there are some prams out there that are a little more heavy duty then others, I think that they might be about $400+, but you have the option of buying the toddler seat that can be attached. I have seen these around and did wish that I had one seeing that I have 2 under 2 smile.

There are also skateboard type things that you can attach onto some prams as well. The older one can stand on it and hold onto the handle of the pram. I have seen these only in baby stores and not in places like K-Mart and Target.

I just brought a new pram as i have a 17month old and a baby that is due in September. I look around for ages before i brought a bertina pram with toddler sit attachment, it was quite a bit more expensive then my first pram (which is looking rather old and worn now) it was recommended by a few mothers. i haven't tryed it yet because i'm scared it will get dirty! stupid i know but i want this baby to have something new. but it looks to have more leg and boby room then any others i looked at. Goodluck who knew buying the second pram would be such a hard thing to do. U can also buy an attachment to clip on the bottom of the pram like a skateboard so they stand up but when i have to go to town its an all day job for me which makes it a long day for my toddler.(we live in the country)

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

We just bought a new pram and found it to be the best for us it is a "Valco" Rounabout 2. It has three wheels and is very light to handle. It also has a Toddler seat that is can be adjusted at the front of the pram. It has an one brake system and also an newborn head hugger, full rain cover and an wheel pump. The pram cost around $450.00 and the toddler seat was $ 75.00. Baby Target, Baby Co and David Jones stock the pram.
Hi there,

I have an emulunga pram which is german or swiss I think, expensive but I've had mine for my first son and now my daughter is using it and I have a toddler seat attached to the front so its safe for him to use also...............they are expensive but they are sooooooooooo worth the money, wouldnt buy anything else in the world.

Good luck

Lisa Gusavac

The only thing that I can comment on is that stupid me (and my husband) went and shopped around for a pram and bought one from a baby store without checking for some IMPORTANT features!

My prams basket is lucky to fit my bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't understand how the both of us didn't pick up on this crucial feature, and I'm paying for it now.

I hate my pram so much, I'm putting it the trading post and hoping someone will take the thing off me, so I can go aout and buy another one.

Basically, my point is CHECK THE SIZE OF THE BASKET!

Happy shopping!

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

I have a Mothers Choice pram which can be forward or rear facing, with cover to stop the wind getting in, and can be layed down, or seated up. It is a pram and stroller in one and only cost me $200.
I have just bought a mother's choice pram/3 wheel jogger. You can get a toddler seat attachment to it also, it comes with a mind cover and a rain cover aswell the basket is large and wil fit almost any nappy bag. (a great feature) it also has it's own tyre pump and fix it quick kit. I would put some slime into the tyres though for that just incase. this stops them from going flat even when you get a puncture. It only cost me $179 on sale, $279 regular price form Target, baby target, and most baby stores. the toddler seat is around $75. Like other mums have said look out for features that you will need, like the size of the basket for one. I wouldn't recommend a tandem pram as they will be fighting for the front seat eventually and the leg room after a while also.
Happy pram hunting

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

I have a Valco Runabout 2, like Pina. Its pretty pricey ( it was bought as a pressie for me!! ) but, as Pina said, you can get thre toddler seat, which is very handy. The only gripe I have about this pram is - ITS HUGE!!! I swear, its embarrassing sometimes!! Haha

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

i hve a duoble baby co pram the limo its good annd easy to steer and light too and fits in the boot easily looked at at toddler seat but no 1 was so heavy it would hve topple over! i hve used this pram with no1 and 2 and then no2 and 3 its great i did like the graco stadium but it cost $100 more but i liked the way the back seat was higher than the front 4 agood view

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I've got a 'Baby Love' pram which was $150. I bought it in a rush when my pram karked it. I love this pram as it is reversible and can also be a stroller or lay right back.

My only advice is to check what sort of folding device they have as my new one is easy but the old one you needed about ten arms and that was the part that broke.
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