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Just wondering if there's anyone out there who owns a Holden Astra 5 door hatch and has their car seat fitted to the side. I had mine fitted to the middle and have had non-stop drama with the strap running along the middle of my boot. It makes it very difficult to get my pram in and out, would having it fitted to the side make a difference and would the strap still run along the middle?

mum 2 b due 3rd june

I dont have the same car as you, but I do have a 5 door hatch. We have the car seat fitted to the passanger side in the back, so the strap goes along the side, it runs about 10cm from the side of the boot - much easier to get the pram in and out!!!!

Rachel Mum to Riley 6/1/06

Same here. We were actually told that in some cars it's safer on the side because of the way they design cars these days.

There are people that you can ring for advice and they give it for free. Are you in Brissy? If so, I can get the number for you.

Hi Nicole,

I think with the Astra Classic (TS model, which I'll assume you own) you can get a child bolt put to that is off centre, as suggested by Rdsmum.

The new Astra's have the child bolt placed behind the rear seats, so you don't have these straps running over and wasting all that boot space.

Just check with your local Holden dealer (or it should be in your car owners manual).

I would also suggest you seek the advice from your local RTA/RACQ authorised fitting stations. For piece of mind, we got both our car seat fitted by them.

Jeff, NSW, 1 & 1 on the way

I have a Hyandai Accent 3 door hatch (very small). The capsule is fitted in the rear passenger side, I can fit a stroller and bassinet (attachment) in the boot. If it was fitted in the middle there is no way I could fit the stroller in!
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