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any good dummies?? Lock Rss

Hi there

Just wondering if anyone knows of a great dummy for a newborn. I have bought two brands so far and both of them Charli doesn't like. They have both been for 0-3months but she doesn't like to suck on them and spits them out. She is B/fed and is a great sucker. Just wanting to try a dummy rather than giving her a feed if she might be only using this for comfort. Anyone experience same problem and found a dummy their child liked???

Charli's mum

try the pigeon brand they are longer so easier for them to hold in there little mouth the others were too short and did not stay in.

Susie the proud mother of baby Kiara born 8.1.06

Hi Tambam1,

My only advice is to get one that is light. My wife and I went have tried five different brands with prices ranging between $2-15.

As a newborn, we found that James could only manage the lighter weighted ones as the others have a real heavy plastic mouth piece.

Our little one is also Breast fed, and initially we had difficulty in getting him to latch on to the false nipple. I simply wait until his settled (from his big crys) and then gently place it in his mouth, teasing his lips before poping it in. From there I roll it around in his mouth and pull back slightly on the dummy until he takes it and begins his suckling motion.

It's so adorable, the sound he makes when his got a real good hold of the dummy. I liken it to Lisa Simposon from the Simpson's cartoon show.

Hope this helps!

Jeff, NSW, 1 & 1 on the way

I started using a dummy on my little one at about 4 weeks and she took to the Happy Baby (cherry shaped) one really easily and still loves it.
I tried her on the silicone othodontic one and she kept spitting it out.
The Happy Baby ones are also one of the cheapest as well!!

1st time Mum to Emily 7/2/06

I swear by the 'Happy' cherry shaped! As do the midwives at the hospital my son was born in (they come in new born size then go up to 0-3mth size my bub was big enough to start on the 0-3mth size). Tommee Tippee comes in a close second. The orthopedic shape dummies were a waste of time & money.
Hey we tried so many different dummies & the only one she liked was Avent silicon & my little nephew is the same he only likes avent silicon dummies they are light weight & easy to clean they can also be sterilsed if your gonna sterilse bottles
I cant say if i experienced it or not cause amelia was only on breast for bout a week cause my mlik went sour.
Hope you find the oone she likes but it might take a while
My god daughter loved the cheaper dummies not the silicon ones


Hi, There is a relatively new brand called Prima that have great dummies. My son prefers the orthodontic shape but will also take their cherry one as well. The also have great bottles - the teat is colour coded for flow ( newborn is purple, slow is blue, green for medium and yellow for fast). Hope this helps.

Kelly,Baby Nicholas born 6/1/06, NSW

my DD likes her orthodontic shaped NUK dummies. i bought her the 2 pk of pink ones first (then lost one) and the starlight ones with covers and she's taken to both.

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

if u are from nsw ( not sure if they do it ne otha states) you should receive a free gift bag from target afta ur bubs is born...there should be a NUK newborn dummy in it....i found this one to be the one to use because of the shape and weight

kim, coby 3mnths

Kimberley , Corey & Coby 11 months

hey there

i have the same problem as you with my little girl.
i brought 5 types of dummies they were avent, nuk, mam, happy baby, lil suckers & a winnie the pooh ones and out of all of them she preffers nuk as it is light and its an orthedontic one.

i recommend nuk to anyone

hope i have helped and all tha best...

Renae, WA 15mth baby girl

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