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Grobag Egg Lock Rss

Dear All,

Does anyone out there own a Grobag Egg?

It's suppose to be a great tool for measuring the room temperature of your little one's room. It changes colour depending upon the room temperature, prompting you (the parent) to alter the room condition for your child.

I've just read so much about it and it's supposed to of won the 2006 Nursery Product of the Year, (Australian Toy, Hobby and Nursery Fair).

I was just after some feedback from anyone who owns one or has had any experiences (both positive and negative).

They seem to be sold out everywhere I look.



Jeff, NSW, 1 & 1 on the way

I used one fo my second child and I loved it. I stared to use it at four months old but by 6 months had to but the next size up because she grew out of it. Best to decide when u want to sed it and check the sizes . I think they are great and will use again with my fourth child.
I got mine over the internet or try ebay.

Lucas Sydney NSW 2 monthsold

maridina, you seem confused, jeff was asking about the gro bag EGG. it is a room temperature device.
i have my 2nd dd in a gro bag.
i also bought the egg. i love it because it sheds some light in the room for feeding at night with out turning on the hallway light and walking up 1st dd.
try bambini pronto on line, they sell the bags and the egg and lots of other good stuff.
i love the milk band. it reminds me what side i fed from and what time it was.

We bought the egg, as my husband is a gadget guru, and it is great!!!
We used it before bubs came along to get a gauge on how effective the air-conditioner was in the house.

As for now that bubs has come along, it is good for just enough light to see bubs at night.. I still need to use the overhead light (on a dimmer switch) to feed overnight though, as there is just not enough for me to see!!

Where are you writing from? As we purchased our egg from a place in Melbourne, who were very helpful and I guess they could order you one in..

We have the egg and it rocks, great to guage the room temp even before bubs is born, so you get to know what you should be aiming for, although the last few mornings have made me relise just how cold (when the egg is blue) is really is. I got mine from ebay. Hope that helps

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