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who is using a dummy? Lock Rss

Just wondering who uses a dummy and how? I have a two month old who used no dummy for 6 weeks and then it took longer to put him to sleep and so I used a dummy. of course he now cries longer and wants it which I hate but he does sleep longer. any ideas how to get rid of it again.

Lucas Sydney NSW 2 monthsold

I dont know where you are, but I know sleep schools or the panel of experts have got information on things like this.
We used a dummy for both our kids and although it got us through a difficult time, sometimes I lothe the thing as now the oldest is 2 1/2 and loves it too much. Mind you we only have it for sleep. But it is a coping mechanism for him now too. he asks to go to bed just so that he can have it.
My health nurse said that the bubs only NEED it for the first 3 months and after that it is a sleep association. So basically you may need to retrain your bub to sleep without it, and that will take patients and work from you. I was up multiple times per night (and still are) just to find the thing to put back into their mouths. My youngest goes to bed with 4!

They may suggest restricting it first to only sleep times, and then you may need to pat them like you would a bub who has trouble sleeping. No eye contact or talking to them etc... You may also like to try first pulling it out just before he falls asleep so that he might get used to falling asleep without it.

Good luck and please let us know how you go.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

Hi Maridina,

I use a dummy only when jessica is inconsolible, it calms her down. She sometimes has it for sleep time but usually spits it out before she fully goes to sleep.

I would restrict the use to bedtime and only during the day when it's less tiring, try putting him to sleep without the dummy and only use it at night until he gets used to the idea of not having it. As has been said wean him of it before three months as then they start making associations.

Good luck

Karen, BNE

Hi we have 7 children and none of them had a dummy,until our 7th was born he took one from the first night in the hospital. All babies are different. Jack has his to sleep with (he's 10wks) if he loses it during the night he doesn't cry for it. He basically just has it to get him to sleep. Our 5th child is a thumb sucker, you do not want this, it is easier to take a dummy away than a thumb. She is 4 yrs and constantly has her thumb in her mouth. So you need to think about what you would prefer a dummy or a thumb because if your baby wants something to suck, it will find something (blankies?). Hope this is useful. P.S dont sterilize dummies in Milton, my docter says this makes babies mouth to clean and thrush thrives in a clean mouth. Always boil them. Bye.

Peta, mum of 7 kids

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