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Fisher price aquarium playmat Lock Rss

I would like to have a whinge about this product. I purchased it for my baby and found that i had to return it. The hanging toys were just too close to my babies head. Has anyone else noticed this? It's certainly not as good as the actual aquarium with the fishies in it.



Hi Super,

Couldn't disagree more. If it is the same one that I have my son loves it to death......he kicks away at the ball at his feet and has just figured out that he is really clever by making the octapus play music.

I do agree with the comment about the real aquarium as we have one of those as well!!!


Sooz, Sydney, Benjamin 1/5/04 & Keira 15/9/06

Hi Super,
I found the same thing but we still love this mat. I ended up taking the attachments off the fish & dolphin - he didn't need them anyway. The octopus is a real winner!

Belinda, QLD, mum to Lachlan

I know it's a bit out of date but we love this playmat.

I also found the fish and dolphin were too low but I took them off altogether. I bought a Playgro toy with a big pinch clip that hangs onto the bar really well.

Jack has the ball, the octopus and his Doofy Dog all hanging off one bar and after about 5 minutes he'll turn around to have his feet around the ball, Doofy's feet in his mouth and banging both of them against the octopus to make it play. And he'll stay there for half an hour (3 months old). I thought the fish and dolphin were a bit hard and heavy compared to his playgro toy which he just loves to chew on.

I know this is an old posting but I have to ask. I have one of those mats in the cupboard ready for my baby when she is a little older. At what age was your baby up for kicking at the toys?


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