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what do you think of the turn a tot car seat Lock Rss

we were thinkning of getting the infa turn a tot car seat i was wanting to here what other's thought about it good or bad

Denise 25 Xavier 28.04.06

Hey Denise

We brought a turn a tot car seat for your son when he was born. And i think that it is hevan. I love it i wish all car seats where like it. There is no need to have to reach in the car and try and put your baby in the capusal. The design of the car seat is that it will turn to you and you are able to put your baby in easyer. An dthe best thing is that you wontr have to go out and buy anither car seat when your babby gos into the forward faceing position you can just turn it around.Our son is now 5 months old and is still in the rearword facing postion and it is so easy to get him out. Everyone i know loves it and think that it is a great idea and people the i also know that are preggers have or going to go out and buy one. So i hoped this helped. It is the best money i have ever spend.
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