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Confused with Pram Shopping! Lock Rss

I realise there are half a dozen other 'pram' related threads here, but some of them refer solely to three-wheeler models (not that I would rule these out)and some refer to prams suitable for two children, which isn't what I need in my situation ...

I thought that buying a pram would be so easy because I know roughly what I want <stupid me>:

* something lightweight so I'm able to pick it up one-handed with ease.
* something suitable for newborn right through to toddler sized children ... so must have at least three seat positions ... including fully reclined.
* something with a reversible handle.
* something that will be easily manouverable in shopping centres ... not too wide for supermarket checkouts.

I just signed up to the Choice website and checked out their latest layback stroller report but it really only served to confuse me more! What I think I need is REAL feed back from REAL Mum's to help me make a decision ... so if anyone has a pram that they absolutely adore <or one that they hate>, can you please tell me what you have and why you love/hate it?

I wasn't looking to pay more than around $300.00, but if I find something that I just can't go past, I guess we'll end up paying more! wink

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

I was a bit confused when I was looking too but at least you know what features you need.
We ended up going to a parents and babies expo (not sure if they have them in WA) to see lots of different ones and also visited a baby shop with a big range to test all of their prams.
We decided on a 4 wheel because most 3 wheelers were heavier (over 12 kgs) and took up more room in the boot, so also consider what kind of car you have if you will be taking the pram in the car.
We went for the Jeep 4 wheeler, it weighs 7.5 kgs and can be folded and lifted with one hand. it also gives us room in our boot for the pram and the weekly groceries. Also you can recline it to any position you want and it is very easy to handle, it also has speakers so you can plug in you ipod when you go for a walk. But it was $400.
I think that if you want to keep to your $300 budget you should check out the department stores like Target (look at there website for mail order prams etc.)and Kmart they have lesser known brandnames with simliar features.
Good Luck

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

I picked up a great Mother's Choice pram from Target for my bub. It has all the features you were looking for and picked it up on sale for about $159, though at full price I think it was only $200 or something. If you're not due for a while, they usually have some really good sales around June/July with layby till Christmas and no deposit (that's how I picked up a lot of stuff last year). Best of luck.

Sam and Hayley and bub

Hi Nicole

I am from Perth too and I can't remember where I read this but I am sure the baby Expo is on again soon (last year it was at Claremont Showgrounds). It was quite overwhelming as I hadn't yet started looking around but there were heaps of prams to look at amongst other things. Even cheap maternity wear! As you have obviously started doing your homework I think this would be great for you to go to. I too just got onto the Choice site and ordered the 10th edition baby magazine that has comparisons between all sorts of nursery products etc.. I have a three month old, Jade Alyssa.

Vikki - Jade born 20/1/06 Perth

Hi There

I have the Stelcraft Ebony Stroller. It's features are:
* Reversible handle
* Multiple Position back rest
* 8 lockable swivel wheels
* Unique anti-wobble wheels provide a smooth and comfortable ride for baby
* Adjustable leg rest
* Removable front bumper bar for easy acess
* Removable bootcover
* Suitable for children from birth to 4 years (or 17kgs)
* Complies with Australian & NZ standards
* Under basket capapcity - up to 4kgs
* Canopy pocket capacity - up to 1kg
* Weighs 9kgs
* Safety catch when collapsing/locking back together
* One handed folding mechanism & one handed unfold

I looked for months before purchasing the pram. My biggest concern was the ease of being able to fold and lift into the car and this pram is great. Extremely easy to collapse and put back together. I love my pram. Am glad i chose it. Reversible handles are hard to find, well from my experience! Also, has a great basket underneath that has zippers, so the things at the bottom of the basket can be removed without pulling everything else out.

I bought mine from a baby shop for $270 on sale but RRP is $300. I have seen them on EBay and also in Baby Target, so if Target have a sale then you could get one then.

Good luck and all the best. It isn't an easy decision but you will find one! Depends what features you are after! Take care and all the best!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

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