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Problems with Beema Q Pram... I wish I had never bought it!!! Rss

I really dislike this pram, my biggest problem is how hard it is to open and it is dangerous the way the hinges snap together. I have nearly caught my hand in it and I did suffer a nasty injury to my thigh when it pinched my leg as I was opening it.
Also the book says there are 4 levels of incline but we can only get mine to stop at 3 levels.... seems to be a fault here.
My baby has never been very happy in this pram it really isn't suitable for a newborn and I regret buying it, should have bought the Strider 3. Oh well I am considering complaining to Babyco or selling on ebay, but first I wondered if anyone else thinks the same as me???

I haven't used the beemaQ but i do have a strider dlx, I bought it when my DS was 4mths old (you cant use it for a new born without the bassinette). I loved it but now find it a bit of a pain, It doesnt lie completely flat or sit completely upright so my DS is always trying to pull himself up and look at the world - he doesnt want to be so inclined back. I felt it was perfect prob from abotut 4-10mths... I have now bought an Emmaljunga off ebay and a toddler seat so I can use it with two littlies... still have them BOTH face me... and inclined the back rest so the littlest one can sleep flat...

Just a few things to consider if you buy a strider... the emmaljunga does have a couple of downers... its wide (but only bout 1cm wider than my strider) and it is pretty big and bulky! but a very comfortable ride!

I have a Beema Q and have no problems with it. I have to disagree that it isn't suitable for a newborn. The backrest lays flat and the harness does up correctly. It's the same as most of the other prams Ive looked at that say they're suitable from birth.

Where do you stand when you open the pram? Is it standing on it's wheels or do you have it lying flat on the ground? It's designed to be opened and closed so it sits upright with all three wheels on the ground and the handle bar pointing down. To open it you only need to pull the handle bar up (after releasing the catch on the side), your hands and legs should be well clear of any moving parts if you open it this way. And the hinges snap together the same as my last pram did.

Id take it back to Baby Co and explain the problem and if they wont help then Id sell it.
[Edited on 13/01/2010]
[Edited on 13/01/2010]

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

Hi Karen,

The problem is where I stand opening the pram, when my leg was pinched I lifted it out of my car sideways and it started releasing as the catch doesn't always lock properly, I am only small so started to struggle with it and ended up on the ground... would be funny if I didn't hurt myself.
My DH has no idea how I did it... anyway I try to stand behind it now but I find this quite awkward still and usually end up taking a few steps backwards to get all 3 wheels on the ground.

Thanks for your feedback.

If the catch doesn't always lock properly then Id definately take it back and see if they'll replace the catch.

Hope you find a pram that you're happier with smile It sucks when you buy something that doesn't turn out to be what you'd hoped.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

i have a beema q and love it, i bought it 2nd hand when ds was around 12 months and have loved it the whole time.

when unfolding make sure the brake is on and stand it on the 2 rear wheels, stand behind the handle and then release the locking clip and pull the handle up in the air and it will unfold easy.

i have just washed it and ready to go for this bub...

the only thing i dont like about it is its heavy to lift in & out of the 4wd, although i didnt realise this until i started using a stroller and found out the weight difference

i hope you get it sorted

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