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ideas for gift basket for a new mum Lock Rss

Does anybody have any suggestions of things that would be perfect for a gift basket for a first time mum? Ideally would be things that you now think you couldn't have survived without! A friend of mine is having her first bubs in four months and a few of us are trying to put together the ultimate gift basket and just wanted to make sure we haven't left anything out.

Thanks smile
Hi there, such a lovely thoughtful thing to give a new mum!

Here are some ideas..

Newborn growsuits, singlets, hat, mittens & socks (Marquise do all of these & are made from beautiful 100% cotton).
Wrap for baby.
A teddy.
Huggies nappies, wipes, & change mats.
Baby powder, bath & skin products.
Day-spa voucher or pamper-products for mum.

And just a thought..if she doesn't already have one - you could put all the gifts into a gorgeous nappy bag (Isoki, Storksak & Oi Oi are nice).

Hope this helps you, good luck!

I was given baby nail clippers, n brush set, nappy bucket, bigger wraps (i bought muslin from lincraft and hemmed them, 1.5m each), cot sheets, breast pads, nappy rash cream

i got a great gift basket from friends & family.

Nappy rash creams
baby body creams
bath soaps
disposable nappy bags
tissues / cotton balls etc
nail clippers
mittens etc
towels & washers
disposable change mats
couple fluffy toys
photo frame
photo album
voucher for Mum & Voucher for Bub
keepsake boxes (first lock of hair etc)
baby keepsake diary

think that was all. All i know it was great and helped me out so much as a first time mum as i had no idea what i needed to buy or what brands to buy etc!!!

probably a lot of what the other people said but the thing that I got that I loved was a voucher for a house cleaner.
I did one for my friend and put in some things that she would need when her baby was a bit older such as
baby panadol
gripe water
hylands teething tablets

these are things that you don't think about until you need them in the middle of the night and new mums don't know that they will need them.

Baby safe cotton buds - I know one mum who actually made her baby's ear bleed cause she used normal cotton buds and stuck it in too far. Also, things for mum too - chocolate, champagne, etc etc
I would defenately include Pawpaw ointment. Best thing ever for baby nappy rash. I was given one at the babyshower and can't live without it.
I received a "Nappy Cake" which a friend made for me. I've never seen them before and it looks amazing. Wonderful gift. There is a website you can google that shows how you make them.

i would put some stuff in there so she can pamper her self as well as some stuff for bub maybe a rattle creams my sis made me a nappy cake bootys socks just small things but it does feel nice when someone thinks of you 2 all ppl think ABOUT IS THE BABY AND FORGET THE MOTHER
You can get sets with nail clippers, thermometer, medicine cup etc in. I got one when DD was born and now I give one to all the new mums I know. I know these were things I hadn't even thoughtof to buy myself.

I got this Kiddapotamus brand wrap that has velcro on it that I just cannot live without!! It hold their little arms in no matter how much they wiggle at night! I will see if I can find a website for it

found it!! I would have been so happy if someone had bought me one of these, i didnt have it until ds1 was 3 months, but i am still getting great use out of it every night vwith ds2

My link
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