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Being a first time mum i'm not really sure where to start. Can you please offer me your recomendations /suggestions / opionions in regards to purchasing a nappy bag.

Obviously some are quite expensive, so want to buy the right one thats practical, modern and useful.

I bought the cheapest it was roomy though and had little pockets everywhere and came with a thermal bag for bottle to keep cool and i would put a freezer pack thing in it.
One with plenty of room for nappies, burp towel, extra clothes, bottles, thermos if needed to warm up bottles, blankies and that about it oh and your stuff.
I received as a gift the babyclub bag from Big W. At first I thought it was great as I used to take half the house with me just for one child. But then the thermal liners on the inside starting cracking/tearing. So for size, if you want to carry lots, it was great. And affordable.

I recently bought on oioi bag on ebay for $60 and it holds enough for my 3 children! Thats because I've realised I don't need as much; nappies, wipes, spare clothes (kids and top for me!), nappy sacks, breast pads, blanket and it has a thermal bag for bottles that I put a drink in for me. Side pockets for the eldest two's sipper cups. And it looks great!

Thanks very much

I have been looking at the isoki Reversible Hobo Baby Bag, it appears to have a lot of good review but definately is on the pricey side. If its as good as the reviews i'm happy to buy it but without seeing it, i'd really like some other mums opinions?

Any ideas? Anyone have one? THought of buying one?

The Isoki nappy bags are gorgeous, I also love Storksak smile If you wanted something a bit more child-ish apple & bee (apple& do devine baby tote bags all made from enviroment friendly materials.

i prefer the oi oi bags there very practical and there still funky colours and designs they are not the cheapest either i shopped around and eventuallly bought one brand new for 60 dollars from babies galore they had a relocation sale of my local store and everything was more than half price. you just gotta be on the lookout
Thank you all for your relpies, there is so much to choose from. I ended up going with the isoki hobo bag and recieved it today. Looks great and Stylish. We'll have to see how it goes once i start filling it up.

Thanks again

just wanted to say 'Thanks' for asking this question...I also have been looking for ages for a nice, modern, practical nappybag. And after reading these comments have decided on a Isoki nappybag....purchased it yesterday smile
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