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Highchair Recommendations? Lock Rss

Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post as mine isn't a newborn anymore!

We have been borrowing a friends highchair but as they are now expecting bubs number 3 we are needing to purchase one.

I have noticed how everyone on here is nice and helpful and thought I would ask if anyone would recommend a certain one, or one that we should definitely not buy! We are in no hurry which is great - we can wait for the sales!! I just want to have a good idea of what to look for - one thing is the one we have the tray is still way to high for DS even though he is almost 10 months.

hi donna,

i was given a steelcraft one that reclines, and it is fantastic. i really wish i had it for my previous 3 babies. i just think the reclining ones are well worth the money, as i have used it for him since he was born, just to lay him in in while cooking dinner or something.

good luck!
I seriously regret buying a highchair at all. We have since purchased a Safety First On the go fold up booster chair, which sits on a regular dining chair & is strapped on. It has a removeable tray or the child can sit straight up at the table. It has fold down legs to change the height of the chair, & best of all was only $40 at Target on sale. We take it on holidays with us & to other peoples houses that do not have children. It folds to a small box & is no problem to set up or fold down.

here's a link

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