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Is a changing table really necessary? Lock Rss

Best $100 I spent...perfect height and later when the kids are older I will be converting it to a toy stand
definate yes from mt back . I know alot of mums who said "I wont need one" and they ALL changed their minds and went out and got one . You change a lot of nappies and you only get one back ! so my advise is to look after it .
OMG I could not live without my change table. DS is 21 months old and I still use it. As for them being dangerous, if you are supervising your child and with them at all times whilst they are on the change table I cant see any danger in it.
Are you having a baby shower? If so maybe ask everyone to contribute a little money each towards a change table. Goodluck smile


I always use the change table! In the early days I used the change mat on the table because it was easier having had a c section. They are only unsafe if you don't supervise your bubs. Get a change mat with a strap on it and it's even safer. My Dad actually bought mine from an auction the day after I told him I was preggers. Best $6 he ever spent for me!!!!!

Check on facebook for a baby bargains page in your area.

Adelaide baby bargains


Hi there. Im pregnant with my second bub, and just wondering if its really necessary to get a changing table? With DS we just changed him on a change mat on the bed or floor or wherever, but it got really hard on our backs. Id like to get one this time (so we dont have to bend down, and the shelving would be handy as well) but our finances may not allow us to do so. And we dont know anyone we can borrow one from.


We have two change tables one is built into the drawers we brought(which we use as a book case) and the other was giving to us! It is handy having a change table but now my son is 13 months he is always trying to get off it thats the only thing!!

I would consider to have a look in EBAY for one as you can pick them up cheap and most are in EUC which is a bonus!

Hope this helps!!

Thanks BrocksMummy wink
i used one in the early days but now i just change bubs on the couch or on the floor. He's 5 months almost 6 but he is such a massive wriggler plus im quite short so its not really any strain on my back!
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