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hi i was wondering if anyone has tried johnsons baby wipes? are they any good? are they good in comparison to the huggies wipes?
any advice would be great smile
I wasnt a big fan of them. I didnt find them as think and found them to be wetter if that makes sense.
i agree i foung them not as thick sometimes dry sometimes way to wet
I like using the johnson wipes, when you get to the bottom of the pack they are wetter. I find the johnson wipes are softer than the huggie wipes.

I wasnt a big fan of them. I didnt find them as think and found them to be wetter if that makes sense.

I agree, I've found huggies wipes to be the best... they are thicker and mostly only need 1/2 for a number 2. Whereas Johnson's ones are very wet and I tended to go through more of them with each nappy change. Huggies sensitive wipes seem to be the best to prevent nappy rash.


I prefer the Johnsons to Huggies (sorry Huggies but I find you too thick therefore difficult to use! Though they are nicer scented lol). Also quite like the Coles brand baby wipes, they are similar to Johnsons.

I tried every brand of wipes going and Johnsons are totally my favourite!

I know some people commented on the wetness ... well, for me I didn't really notice a difference there. Nor on the thickness.

The reason I don't like Huggies was because I found it impossible to get just one out of the pack ... I'd always get a few at a time so ended up wasting a lot. Also, the Woolworths own brand ones were difficult to get out of the pack as they are in a roll with perforations between wipes, but found the perforations difficult to tear.

Actually, there is another brand of wipes that I like ... can't remember name but they're in a purple pack with a frog on it. However, the packs only come in travel sizes so I keep these in my nappy bag, but use Johnsons at home.
I used the johnsons ones from when my DD1 was about 3 months old cos we realised that the Huggies ones were giving her nappy rash (wonder if this is going to be taken off!!) used them ever since up until dd2 was toilet trained last month. dd2 has excema and they never made her react so in my opinion are great. as some of the others have said i found huggies a bit too thick and i actually thought they were a bit dry - perhaps the 'dragging' was what caused my dd1's nappy rash??
I like johnsons wipes. I prefer the scented ones cause they smell pretty but the unscented ones do a good job too, just without the perfumed smell. huggies and Woolies are also good. Didn't like Coles and a few of the lesser known names.
I use the Johnson's wipes, unscented, not too keen on Huggies only because of thickness and nappy rash on my son. I think you may have to test a brand or two before you find the right one, it really depends on the sensitivity of baby's skin. Also a tip for everyone else using the johnson's wipes i actually have a huggies plastic dispenser and when i put the wipes in from the packet i flip the wad of wipes over because i'd say the moisture in them sinks from sitting for a while in the packets, that way after about a day they are all nice and evenly dispersed with moisture

The Aldi brand wipes are fantastic. U can get them unscented and they are just as good as the more expensive brands but at half the price smile
thanks for all the feedback smile im a little worried coz dp has psoriasis so i think bubs might get it as well has anyone dealt with that? should i use wipes at all in that case?
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