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  5. Which buggy board for my pram?(steelcraft strider)

Which buggy board for my pram?(steelcraft strider) Rss

I have a steelcraft strider 4, am wondering which buggy board is suitable for this pram, we live quite a distance from baby shops so will be purchasing the board over the internet and dont want to buy one and find that it doesnt fit.
Have a look at the steelcraft site, it should tell you which one is compatible.
I have the Strider DLX & when we got it they said that there isn't a board that fits on it. Not sure if the 4 is different?

i would give the baby shops a call and just ask them if they sell one that is suitable for the strider. don't say you won't be going in to buy it. then you can just buy whichever one they say online.

i went into a baby shop when i was getting one for our stroller, they showed it to me etc then i bought one second hand on ebay.

i have hardly used it though, not sure if it was really worth it. might resell it for the same price i bough it for haha

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