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What sort of pram does everyone have? Lock Rss

I am due at the end of july and am looking into prams and was wondering what everyone has and what they recommend?
Were thinking about getting the strider 3 wheeler, but i have heard mixed reviews about this pram...........Please help!
I've got the Valco Quad! I love it!

Hi, i would love to know this aswell. I have been looking around and test driving some for weeks now and are very confused. I am thinking the Strider Plus 3 wheel. Anyone got this one ?? Thanks
I've got a Phil and Teds 3 wheeler pram, which the safe and sound capsule will fit into. This is great for a newborn and getting them in and out of the car and don't have to disturb them. Plonk them on in go shopping and place back in the car and they don't even know what has happened. In saying that my son looked huge in the pram by himself and didn't like it as a newborn. Much happier now at 4months. We actually bought a 2nd hand pram off ebay ($26 a steel) that has a reversable handle, 4 wheels, to go on afternoon walks.

It comes down to your child liking the pram in the end, as we found out. I currently own 3 prams. 3 Wheeler prams take a bit of getting used to drive, as my mum says (she looks dangerous at times not to mention the amount of shoppers she has almost taken out).

If you can hold off wait till after bubs is born and see what your lifestyle is going to want, or buy a cheap 2nd handone for now and then purchase a new one when the baby is a few months old.

Hope this helps
I have a baby jogger city mini which we were given by a friend and i seem to be using that more than simply because it is a lot lighter. I had a Steelcraft Strider Eden 3 wheeler which I liked and hubby loved but I just wanted something smaller now DD is getting bigger. The steelcraft is fantastic for off road and walking and had an adjustable handle which was a must for us as DH is so much taller than me, also has great suspension (DD slepts alot better in the strider than she does in the city mini) plus it has good padding so yep if its the one you like id go for it. We have ours for sale atm for $200 in Sydney if your interested in buying it PM me it has only been used for 7mths.
Hi my baby is due in July also, i have a Steelcraft Strider PLus 4 Wheel. I have a 12 month old God son who i look after every friday, saturday and sunday nights who i use this pram for. I chose the four wheel as when my baby becomes a toddler and tries to climb into the pram the four wheel wont tip where as the three wheel does. My friend has the three wheeler and i have also used hers and in all honesty you cant tell the difference between the four and three wheel striders when you are pushing them. I love the pram because it has a big storage basket underneath, the seat is very comfy ( my 12 month old god son sleeps really well in the pram where as he never slept in the old stroller i had), baby is up high not down low which means you dont have to bend down to get them in and out. I would highly reccomend this pram to anyone.
one thing i would recommend is if you are planning on having another bub & plan to have them close together, get a pram that can be used as a double further down the track. It will save you so much money. I learnt this the hard way lol.

My single pram is a peg perego pliko. It is so light & easy to push.

My double pram is an iCandy Pear & I love it. Its easy to push & both seats can be fully reclined. I can also use it as a single pram.

I will sell the iCandy in the next 12mths as DD will be old enough to walk more & will go back to using the peg.

When I was looking for my 1st pram, I wanted something that was light & didn't take up much room in the car. I have a subaru liberty wagon & the iCandy takes up half the boot, so I still have enough room when i go shopping.
I preferred one that opened and closed with a one-handed latch, the basket stayed above the ground with items inside, had rubber wheels instead of plastic and was multi-functional.

It is a travel system that comes with an infant car seat and base. The base stays in the car and you could move the seat from the car to the stroller easily. The stroller goes from a forward-facing bassinet to regular seat and has a 5-point harness. The wheels in the back have brakes on them. All the cloth and trays are removable and easy to clean.
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