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Im looking into buying a swing for My bub due in sep as i didnt have one with my first but i thought it would be usefull this time round just wondering is it worth buying the bigger more expensive ones that turn so they can swing both ways or just the cheaper ones that just swing forwards i just dont know if its worth spending the extra money if the baby wont care anyway anyone have these swings for feedback
Thought i would ask before buying
I got given one and didnt particularly find it hugely useful. It has music and swings back to front and toys on it and i only normally put bub in it when i had to have a shower and she jsut sat in it in the bathroom with me. Other than that she would get abit frustrated after awhile and its too annoying getting her in and out of it.

Its totally up to you. Did you find you would of needed one with your first or you did ok without one? Id just recommend getting a cheapy if you are coz they arent in them for that long anyway smile

Goodluck with your pregnancy!!

I only used mine once cause my little one hated it. She'd rather lay on her play mat or bouncer...I'm actually giving mine to salvos as it was given to me anyways. Mines justban older fisher price one that swings back and fourth with music. And then it swingsvwhen they cry.
Have a look on ebay. My swing only goes 1 way, but it was pretty much in brand new condition for about 1/4 of the price of a brand new one. Mine was for #2 & I knew we were not having anymore babies, so couldn't really justify spending hundreds of dollars for a few months.
I will resell it on ebay as soon as DS is able to sit on his own or is too heavy for it (which considering he is a little chubber will probably be before he is sitting lol)
I have had two (because we got rid of everything when we thought we weren't having any more bubs). Both have been the Fisher Price that just swing back and fowards. The older model was better in my opinion because it didn't have a moulded piece of plastic between the legs like the newer model has. I could put the boys in it wrapped up and they often slept in it for the first 6 months if they were unsettled. The one I have now is almost the same except the difference in the seat shape but my DD hasn't really liked to sleep in it like her brothers did.
Both of mine were second hand and worked just fine. I love them but probably wouldn't spend the money on a new one. If you are anywhere near Wollongong I am about to sell mine.
I got lent one for second child and it was a lifesaver! We all got gastro when she was a couple of weeks old, and it was the only way she would sleep without vomiting. Don't know what I would've done without it. Am getting another second hand one for this bubs. Definitely recommend it, especially if your partners away at bath, tea and bed time when you have to attend to the others, or cook.
I got given a Fisher price one from Kmart, it was the best thing anyone brought me. DS was abit colicky and it was great for settling him, and while i had a shower, cooked dinner etc. only thing i found was it went thru batteries so fast!! maybe i just used it too much lol

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I was gonna get one but got a bouncer and playgym set for $60 and DS has been happy with them so there was no point getting a swing as well. If you do get one just make sure it can be used from birth.
BTW Target have bouncers and swings on special at the moment. You can get a bouncer for $19 - which is probably cheaper than 2nd hand on e-bay smile
I was given a swing that goes both ways when Dd was born and I loved it, I don't remember how often we turned it. but it was to one thing I recomended to my SIL.

it gives you that time you need to make a coffee or put your shoes on, when bub is screaming.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

Hi babies don't need anything but mummy arms and a nice big play mat and cuddles,

they don't need bouncers, maybe a pram, and a sling
My baby swing saved my sanity! = )

My bub hates tummy time hates being on the floor for long periods of time so i couldnt even chop up a carrot or something before she was screaming, i had a smaller swing (Learning Curve) that i got on sale that just rocked back and forths and was great for the first 2 months but as soon as she started to put a bit of weight on 4kgs+ it stopped working so great, so we went out and bought a bigger one on sale (Bright Stars) this one was a lot fancier swings left, forward and right, has the music/nature sounds differnt speeds and a timer. Probably the best 200 bucks we spent shes asleep in it as i type. If your child settles in it its great to get your hands free to do quick clean ups around the house or dishes/washing or just to have a break. It has a insert in it like a car seat so when there smaller it feels more cosier and snuggier for them.

So i say def worth the buy i get A LOT of use out of mine, maybe see if you can try a friends one first to see if bub will settle in one?
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