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capsules vs rear facing carseats? Rss

hi there, i wanted ask anybodys opinion on capsules vs rear facing carseats? im pregnant with my 2nd baby and used a rear facing carseat with my little girl. i really liked it but am thinkn about using a capsule once new bubs is born but the hubby is tryna put his foot and stick with the one we i wanted to know if its easier having a capsule with bub #2??
You get a capsule and it'll only last until 6months? Whats the point in that?
When you can get the rear facing and turn it around when need be.

I just dont see any point in getting a capsule.
i found a capsule really good with my first baby, you can take the whole thing out of the car while baby is still sleeping. my daughter lasted in hers till about 10 months and we just hired our capsule so it wasnt expensive at all and then i just moved her into a rear facing seat till she was heavy enough to face forward.
its entirely up to you but i definately found it good with a capsule.
My bub outgrew his really quickly and we had to get a convertible car seat. They are convenient (especially when you have a pram you can put them in) but probably not worth the money if you already have a car seat.
we have dd now front facing, and are having the same thoughts, we have twins on the way, i am thinking of doing this.. we can hire capsules from our local hospital for an amazing $10 a month,will do this for first 6mths and then put them into the same style rear/front facing as dd.. And if it doesnt work out well we only pay month by month so not a huge amount of money wasted.. Look into how much they would cost to hire.
I have both, the capsule was really good for when she was a newborn cuz we could take her anywhere with out waking her (still can sometimes) the only problem I found was it is quite heavy so it's a bit of a pain to get up and down stairs or carry long distance. Also like a PP said you can only use it for 6months versus the rear facing.
i found it heaps easier having a capsule with #2. I liked the fact that if she was alseep i could just carry her in it rather than having to get her up and into a pram. I hired mine from the ambulance and it cost $50 for 6 months and then an extra $5 month if you needed it longer. In saying that my baby was a big ompa lompa and could only use it for 4 months before she was too big for it, so there is no way i could justify buying one new.
I love, love, loved having a capsule. Sure you can manage without one but there are so many pluses especially when you have two kids. The big thing for me was not waking a sleeping baby and also that you can carry it with one hand leaving other hand free for holding a toddlers hand, picking a toddler up, dragging a kicking screaming toddler under your other arm... wink you get the picture. It also means that you can put bub on ground when opening doors or attending to your toddler. The other thing that it was great for is getting two kids in the car. My toddler would quite often walk which meant that he had to get in the car first. With the capsule I could put bub in car but not fiddle with capsule, then strap DS1 in, then I would go back and secure capsule. This helped heaps as DS1 could not be trusted not to run off and if I let him roam around car it added so much time to the trip as I would be chasing him around front seat trying to get him back into his seat and it would usually end in a tantrum. There are heaps other other perks for having a capsule but I won't go on. I have hired one twice and it has still worked out cheaper than buying. At six months both my bubs went into rearward facing seats.

Don't listen to hubby...get the capsule.
I'm also preg with no. 2 and had a rear facing car seat for DD1. This time I will be either hiring a capsule or borrowing one from a friend.

With DD because she was the first I could stay home for the first month pretty much, I didn't have to drag her in and out of the car much etc. But with a toddler- who goes to daycare 2 days a week, needs to get out of the house regularly and all the extra stuff that needs doing these days I think a capsule will be much more convenient. It will mean that if bubs is asleep during the daycare run I can leave him/her in the capsule and just bring them in and out rather than unclipping, re-clipping and disturbing their sleep.
Hi, I used to be of the opinion of the other posters and decided not to get a capsule for my currently pregnant with my second and will DEF be investing in one!!! I am hoping for Bubs#2 to be in a bit more of a routine than DD1 and having a capsule will help to make this SO much easier. Also you can actually plan an outing, feed bubs, put them in there capsule to go off to sleep then head out when you are ready. no having to move daughter did and still does transfer very well but it still disturbed her sleep patterns.. I have friends who had capsules and all swear by them grin I am very excited to be using one this time!!

I'm pregnant with Bub #2 and i will be hiring a cupsule, i don't see the point in buying as this is our LAST baby smile

I think it is going to be super convenient with dropping my DD off at Kindy and taking her to swimming lessons and going to friends houses. i know what it pain it was when DD was a bub getting her out all the time and i didn't have an older child at the time.

when the new bub out grows the capule then he/she will go to the rear facing seat we already have from DD. (DD has just moved up to a booster seat)

i purchased a capsule that goes into a pram. this way I don't disturb my son if he is a sleep. As a first time mum I have found this very helpful. only concern is that my son is big and probably will hit the weight limit before he is 6 months. however will be able to use with other children in the future
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