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car seat help???? Lock Rss

Can anyone tell me if they have had any success fitting 3 car seats in a Mitsubishi Outlander? At the moment I have a Infa Secure Tribute Deluxe Convertible Booster Seat and Infa-secure Convertable Booster. I would like to keep these two and looking to get a car seat for my new bub which is due in october.Is there a combination of seats that I can use to fit 3 across the back,many thaks for reading trish

I am having twins and looked at car seats, I went to Babyland and they had a carseat there that was more compact and suitable to fit in smaller spaces.
I managed to fit two booster seats (safe n sound hi liners) and a baby seat in our medium sized car by buying a Safe n Sound Compaq baby seat for our youngest. He has only just outgrown it at 4 1/2, and it has been a fantastic seat. Other than a small amount of sun-fade, it still looks new. I bought the deluxe version and it has a machine washable cover, carseat protector, newborn insert and sun-shade. It's also very quick to install and adjust. It was the only one that we could fit in our car with the two boosters and we spent many hours trying out different seats. We paid $389 at the time and it was worth every cent, but I just checked online and one of the big baby shops online is selling it for only $304.95! Might be worth a look. Most baby shops are happy to let you try them in your car, too, if you explain your situation. Goodluck smile
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