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Buying clothes for baby.... Lock Rss

Just wondering when buying clothes for baby.....should you buy prem/0000 for a newborn? Or just newborn/000 sizes??

Well the average baby (7lb) will start off in 0000, but will usually outgrow them by 8 weeks old and then be in 000... So if baby is more than 8.5-9lbs, I would just go with mostly 000. Sizing does also vary from styles and brands too.
Unless you have reason to believe that your bubs is going to be bigger than usual i'd get mainly 000 but still buy a couple of 0000. that way you are covered for a day or two and if bubs is small you can get someone to grab you some more 0000.

It's probably hard to judge but have a look at each item before you purchase it and try and decide if it's a small or big make as it does vary.

Even with Bonds wondersuits, which are usually a small make the 000 have been too big at first on all three of my kids who have all been average to a little larger than average(DD2).

Just don't buy too much as they grow so quickly!

i bought all 000 while i was pregnant.. thinking i was going to have a big baby.. but DD didnt fit into them until she was about a month. she was 3.7kgs at birth.
luckily i got a few 0000 and just 1 of 00000 as gifts.. she wore the 00000 just once..

so i guess just have a few 0000 incase the 000 are too big..

and agreed with PP.. dont buy to much, they do grow sooo quick!
DD is growing out of her 000 at 3months.. yayy more shopping! =)
It depends on length rather than weight. DS was long so he grew out of things quickly from shoulder to crutch (bodysuits), he wasn't in 0000 long at all maybe a week or two. Then 000 only maybe 2mths max? Try not to spend much on little stuff as they do grow out of it and buy things that are practical. Overalls & dresses look cute but so unneccesscary on a newborn. Bodysuits are so much easier and comfortable for them.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

I would just buy one or two 0000's and the rest in 000's. My DS went straight into 000's and DD was only in 0000's for a week or two. While you are in hospital you can just use the little nighties they put on bubs so you can always send someone out to buy smaller suits before you go home if you need to.

I had a couple of 5x0's suits that we had been given so I just gave them to the MW and asked them to give them to the next premie baby to be born at the hospital smile
I only had 2 sets of 0000 clothes as i thought i could get away with just using 000, but ended up sending my mum for an emergency shop to get more 0000 stuff as there was no way my DD could wear the 000 stuff. She was average weight and long but as she was very thin everything was huge on her.

my kids never really fit into 0000 clothes. They were basically in 000 from week 1. They only lasted a few weeks too, then they were in 00!

sizing is all different though.

our main problem was that dd2s feet were always a size larger then her body. feet had to be cut off of body suits......
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