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Hi All!

I was just wondering if anyone went with other options then the usual change table? Desk, Dresser, Table?

Or if you did buy a change table, how much use did you get out of it?

We are thinking of buying a desk and using that.

Thanks smile
with our first we used her change table HEAPS!! basically every change till she was about 2!!!

I hated trying to bend over a bed to change her as my back would hurt quickly.

I gave all my baby stuff away after i had DD, and have had to re-buy everything.....and i brought a new change table as i knew i would use this item heaps again!!

We have two and ours are three tier change table from Boori. That basically means that they have the top shelf which you put the mat and bubs on and then two shelves underneath for nappies etc. We bought these as they matched all the other furniture in our babies rooms.

We used them all the time with DD1 and DS but have not used it much for DD2 as her room is at the other end of our house and it was freezing in her room in winter, which was when she was born. (We have since put a R/C A/C in her room and installed a slow combustion fire) So we typically just did it in the lounge room. We would have set the second one up somewhere but didn't have anywhere to do so! The one in her room has still been great for storage though and I would totally recommend getting one of some kind!

i worked in childcare & then as a nanny, so i knew how essential a change table was. i brought one at a garage sale for $50. it was in excellent condition.
we used it all the time for the first year. it was invaluable for nappy change, as you had everything on hand & you didn't have to bend over ( great for people who suffer from a bad back). we used it for dressing, undressing, etc when she was a newborn.
one family i worked for used a change mat ontop of their dresser, but it would slip around alot & it was too high for me... you can buy dressers with an inbuilt change table on top. you can buy them with the baby bath underneath, which i've heard from other mum's was handy.
it's really a personal choice, but they are handy to have & you don't have to go broke buying furniture for babies. hit ebay & garage sales!!
we now use ours as a storage unit for all the baby stuff, until we decide to have number two...
My dad made ours for us smile

He built it with the change table on the right and on the left cut a hole for the baby bath. It was awesome, I'd take DD out of the bath and pop her straight onto the change table. Underneath the bath and change mat were two lots of shelves for storage. When DD outgrew the bath he made a removable top to cover it and we could then use the top for storage too. We used it every day until DD moved to her big girl room just before she turned 3 and I've just tidied it all up and put the bath back in ready for bubs in a few weeks! I love it smile
Hi there...We used change table all the time for the first 5 months...every single nappy change, clothing change, before/after bath etc, but then dd started rolling and it bacame too hard. She would roll and grab at everything and end up on her belly smile We then started changing her on our bed and she was perfect...lay there beautifully!...So then went back to the change table, and she became a little monkey again roll eyes

But still really glad we bought one!
I used a childcare one with the bath under it, barely used the bath but really liked it because it was higher than all the standard wooden types and i'm a bit taller. I think I got it at target for $70 on special and used it for over 2yrs with DS. Decided to get another one as the top part got a bit ripped and found one for half price $75 at target again, but it is a bit flasher than the one I had for DS.

My friend had a homemade chest of drawers with a change table on top, she'll be able to use that as a chest for years to come. They are quite expensive to buy new and you don't see them 2nd hand very often as people keep them for life. But I think it would be a good investment if you had the money to spend or could build one yourself.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

We don't use our change table. I have a bad back but unlike pp I can't stand and change DS I sit on the bed and have a container on my dresser with all the nappy change items I just pop beside me.
Thanks for all your replies!!! I ended up giving up on the whole desk/dresser thing and bought a change table. This is our first baby so im sure we will get a lot of use out of it with this bub and more in the future!

Thanks Ladies!!! grin

This is my change table my husband made for me for my second, my daughter. I designed it, he made it.
Change tables are over-rated and a waste of money in my mind. I found with both my children i did not really use them. I use the floor or bed or whereever i am. To be honest, if i could do it again i wouldn't waste the money or time on a changetable.
With my first, my son, i just used a basic changetable, wooden cross over legs and canvas top.

Love this change table!!! Your husband is very clever!!!
Gotta love a handy man! I'd get mine to build one but we have less the 2 weeks to go! prob a bit late! hehe
We bought the childcare bath / change table. Bath is awkward to use whilst in the changetable - we take bath out and put on kitchen bench and bath her there to save my back bending over in bathroom. When she gets older will use bathroom bath.

I like the height of the change table though as I am tall.

If I had to buy again. I would buy the cheap plastic bath from ikea or big w for under $20 and buy a nice wooden change table with plenty of storage for nappies and wipes - I like to buy in bulk lol.
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