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Double prams with toddler seat Rss

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good pram for a newborn plus toddler? I've been looking at the Phil & teds & the strider plus. My dd will be 2 & a half when bubs is born. I'd prefer to have bub facing me which I've seen is possible with the strider but not sure if it's possible with toddler seat attached? Anyway, any help would be great! Thanks!
I have the Strider Plus and use it with my 2 yr old in the bottom seat and the baby in the top one. It comes with extension bits so that the top seat can be facing you with the toddler seat on. I do have to pull it all apart to get it into my car though.

I'm 7wks pregnant. & have 15 month old

Bubby due. On October. .my toddler. Will be 2 in December

Wondering. How much is either. Of these Prams ???
We used the Valco Doubletake tandem stroller - DS1 was 18 months old when DS2 was born, and still slept in the pram regularly. It was great, comfortable for him in the front, and the back seat was suitable for the newborn. It also had a nice big storage area underneath, and wasn't too heavy to lift into the car. It weighed 12kg, which was lighter than any of the other ones we looked at.

That was nearly 4 years ago, so I don't know what's available now or how much they cost. Can recommend this one though from my experience!
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