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I don't know about everywhere else but i know all my local supermakets have actually takent he dividers out from between the checkouts because so many people couldn't get their pram through. what i used to do though if it didn't fit was still use the express checkout and they just let you buy it and then walk back through and go out the entrance with your receipt and groceries so no problem for us. i would throughly reccommend the strider but it really is personal choice. i personally don't find it that heavy and i have to lift the whole thing in and out of a territory

Actually now you mention it, in our town one supermarket still has the dividers between checkouts but the other doesn't. Still, I can get a trolley through the checkouts with a divider and fit next to it (albeit sideways) to get the groceries out, so can't imagine having a problem with the Strider.

It's nice to hear some good things about it finally smile
I looked at the strider, but both DH and I decided there were aspects of it that for the price were not very good, with wear the seats begin to wobble a little, the shop model we tried out that was the case and the lady in the shop said it was a common complaint. We are getting the Mountain buggy plus one. It's on layby and we will be getting it at the weekend. There will be 19 months between our youngest 2, when this one arrives in July. But because our oldest is light for his age we can still easily put him in the plus one at the moment

thanks guys....i'mm still confused! i might widen my search to other brands (that just means more to choose from though!).

i like the strider, but it really is wide and i have a heavy 7 month old so i use my pram everywhere. I've just read so many bad p&t reviews online.

Hi, yes it is confusing but I have to tell you there are heaps better prams out there than the 2 you are looking at.
I bought the Baby Jogger City Mini double last year, however they have now released the GT mini double which would have been awesome. And now Mountain Buggy have released the Duet which i Love Love Love and have to convince DH to let me upgrade as my DD's are now 2y8m and 1y. Trust me you should check out the Baby Jogger or Mountain Buggy you won't be dissapointed. Plus I think side by side is heaps better as my 2 girls just love sitting next to each other, I never liked the thought of one being on top of the other, the poor bottom seat looks too scarily close to the ground esp if you like walking outside.

Here is a gr8 website for pram discussions:

I wouldn't go side by side except for twins because then u don't have the option to take the other seat off when you only have one child or when your eldest is older and doesn't want to be in the pram you either have to push it with only one child in it or u have to sell it and buy another new pram which will turn out very expensive. but its personal preference. i love the baby joggers but that is the reason why i didn't get one and i have 20 months between my 2

I suppose it depends on your requirements, I only have 19mths and have used my double pram nearly daily. Never a problem if the eldest wants to walk as I just put shopping in the empty side. Plus that's the bonus with the Duet it is only 65cm wide.... I do have a single pram as well for when DH is with us and DD1 will either walk or get carried.
But I live near busy roads and when I take the girls out for a walk to the local cafes, park etc they both have to sit in the pram. I def don't think a side by side is a waste, but having a single pram too is handy, even just a cheap stroller smile
i'm having dramas logging into my account, but I am still reading all your replies, so thanks!
my DD is 7 months and is almost 9kg and 72cm so i need something that is going to take her height well, i use my pram all the time (because she's so heavy to me) so i need something easy to push that takes weight well.
i'm so hesitant about the size of the strider.

I don't suppose anyone has the agile double? i have the agile single and it is amazing, so happy with it.
Our DD1 is 6, DD2 is 2 and DS is 10mths.

We have the PHIL & TEDS Sport V2.

We purchased it after DD2 was born as we do lots of big days out and wanted a pram that DD1 (then 4) could go in for a bit if tired. We also knew we wanted a third bub and would use it for a long time. Didnt have travel system adaptor with DD2 (they didnt have one for our capsule yet) but wish they did - made life soooo easy with DS.

Found a few things awkward in first few weeks but love it now (eg clips on main seat were tight but have loosend with age etc).


Positives include -
* Main seat holds up to 25kg - my 6 year old still weighs below this.
* Easy to push and steer.
* Limitless accessories - we have a food tray for front seat and hood for toddler seat.
*LOVE the lazy Ted which transforms toddler seat to bouncer - got it to use when out but ended up getting rid of my other bouncer and just used it - almost got a 2nd toddler seat especially for it too, but our last bub so didnt. Wish I'd found it sooner.
*Not as unstable as prams where toddler seat sits high and forward on front of pram.
*Can get travel system adaptors for almost any capsule - meaning you can save money and shop around for the capsule you like best. We have a Fisher Price capsule from Target. It is made by Britax who make Safe'n'sound seats, and has the same connections as the Unity capsule.
*Love that its a single pram when I have one child with me, and a double when I have two.
*TIP-Empty toddler seat placed below makes a great extention to the basket if getting lots of shopping!
*Not too heavy - think weight only really matters if you fly lots or take public transport though - otherwise you only really pop it in and out of boot - light when pushed too - Smaller than lots of 3 wheelers when folded and fairly compact when used.

Negatives include -
* Awkward to use in toddler and newborn mode (toddler seat on top and you squish bub through back into reclined main seat) - knew this before I got it though as my sister had one - we got around this by using capsule up top and put toddler in bottom with toddler seat. Bub went in reclined toddler seat for short trips from about 3 months old.
*Bit awkward to adjust main seat from lying to sitting with bubs in it - you get used to it though.
*Not the best sunhood on main seat, but if you spend lots of time outdoors you could buy a shade cover.

Have a friend who wishes she'd got one for her 2 (2 1/2 and 10mths) - She already has 3 prams and cant bring herself to buy another.

Go to a baby store and try both out - fold them, recline them, lift them, discuss accessories (TIP dont buy any/many until after bub is born and you see what youll really use), put in and out of car boot to see for size, test in all positions/seat reclines/with capsules etc., take a friends kids (especially if they have a toddler and baby or 2 toddlers) and try pushing prams with their weight etc.

Good luck with your decision - hard when so much money is involved roll eyes

I had the older model strider (only had it for 3 months before i sold it again as i hated it) and it took up so much room in my boot it wasnt funny. (and it was only the single one) Even though i have a massive boot it was still a pain in the a*se.

I had the phil and teds sports and loved it. My friend used mine for a few weeks and even bought herself one. It was so easy to push with one hand, fit through every checkout in the shops (where the strider wouldnt) But unfortunatley the only downside about the sports is you cant get a capusle to attach to it (im not sure about the explorer though)

Oh and i never had my phil and ted tip.

Phil and Teds now make travel system adaptors for Im certain all their prams that fit nearly any capsule. We have a P&T Sport and used a Fisher Price capsule with the TS13 adaptor which is sold for the Safe N Sound Unity capsule!

sorry not being nasty at all but if its only 65cm wide does that mean the seats are super skinny.

I agree I use my pram daily and do regularly put my shopping underneath when DD1 wants to walk i just like that if i pop to the shops and only have my double pram in and DD1 is a daycare (1 day a week) i can take the other seat off and just have the single pram rather then having to have either 2 prams in the car or have to plan in advance to put the other one in. just my opinion i guess because i already have the strider

Hi, I did wonder about the seat size myself but after checking the measurements they are still nearly 28cm wide each almost same as the city mini, the slimming down of the pram (if you like) comes from the frame which is more streamlined and less bulky fabric than the city mini, however I have 2 petite girls if I had 2 boys I don't think I would get it.
I know the Phil and Ted's would be handy and I originally looked at the new explorer, but was constantly bothered by the seating configuration, I think because my girls sit side by side they wouldn't like being on top of each other. My friend has the Sport and watching her kids in it just makes me cringe looking at the bottom one. I suppose if that's all they're used to it wouldn't matter...
Im also looking for a double pram, I have a nearly six month old and am expecting again, due october. Apparently there is a new improved version of the strider due out at the end of the month.
I have the 3 wheeler strider plus that i use for my 18 month old and i now have to get the bottom attachment seat as i am expecting a baby in november. I love the strider plus and would recommend it to anyone.
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