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  5. Looking for some feed back on the Tommee Tippee closer to nature monitor with sensor pad?! ?! Is it good as angel care??

Looking for some feed back on the Tommee Tippee closer to nature monitor with sensor pad?! ?! Is it good as angel care?? Lock Rss

I'm new to all this.. so many items to buy, but must first learn about..
You'd think a 38 year old would find it a breeze!!!!

..but I think about and study everything so much I do my own head in!!

so my sister has had 4 babies, her youngest is 4 months old so she's up to date with all the things available and what's important.
One of the first things she has told me to get is an Angel Care Monitor with the mat to detect breathing...
That has saved her endless worry and feels secure ... an investment well worth the extra money!
She says Angel Care, cos that's a known brand...
But when we were shopping, we came across Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature DECT digital Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad. ... it has room temp display, night light, two way talk back, up to 300m range and the essential movement sensor to detect breathing.

It was on clearance from $270 to $99!!!!!!

Normally, I wouldn't look twice, cos sis told me Angel Care... but having her with me, she said she could not see any reason it would not be as good or better than hers.

I take her word as gospel!!!!! LOL, but she suggests I get some advice with in the two weeks I have to return it. .. .I don't have a baby to test it on yet...
Has anyone heard good or bad things about it??????
I have a Tommee Tippee monitor with a sensor mat, though it isn't the exact one you mentioned. I have never used the mat to be honest and I get a lot of static and white noise from the parent handset - I wouldn't get another one.
Hi i think the person above was referring to a cheaper/older not so good version of the Tommee Tippee monitor, i think the one you are looking at is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Monitor, i to am looking at purchasing one of these monitors.

I have done some research online and have found that the older version has a very static sorta handset but all the reviews i have seen for the monitor you are talking about have been great, they say it has crystal clear sound with no interference and that its a good monitor.

Where did you see it for $99?
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