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What convertible car seat? Lock Rss

I am having so much trouble deciding what convertible car seat to get.

The price difference between most seems to be quite big, there are the $250 models and the $450 models, and I cant work out which one is better for us!

I would love to save money, just saw a Safe and Sound Guardian at Target for $249 ($100 off), or a MothersChoice Mystique for $299 ($100 off). Are they any good? They dont seem to be sold anywhere else!

Thanks in advance!
We brought a zuzu convertible from big w. We have had it since my ds was born and he's over 8 months now never had any trouble with it. Cant help you with the other brands.
I have a safe and sound and have had no problems with it. I like safe and sound and my 3 yr old is in their booster seat.
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