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Baby bath? Lock Rss

Im due in 5 weeks & don't know where to bath my baby? I do have a change table but there is absolutely no room for me to put it anywhere? I saw a bath with a mesh thing in it but not sure if it's suitable for newborns? Any suggestions ?


Yes the mesh baby baths are for newborns and then when they are a little older you take the mesh part out I think... I used the kitchen sink a few times and the rest of the time I just used my arm in a baby bath in the big bath and when she got to heavy I bought a thing that they just lie in cant remember what it is called and when she grew out of the a bought a seat.
Yeah we got given a baby bath for a gift he was only in it for about 7-8 weeks. We don't have a bath unfortunately so he showers with us lol he is getting heavier now though, so not sure what im going too do....

I used the kitchen sink and then eventually the big bath. I found the baby baths pointless as they were too big from the start.
We used the laundry tub for the first few weeks and then just the bath tub once DS kept pushing off the side of the tub with his legs and launching himself out of the water. We used one of those toweling covered frames (looks like a towel covered ramp) in the big bath which is good to keep their head out of the water. They are pretty cheap, maybe $10 or so. If you get one, try to get one that doesn't have the metal frame going along the bottom (the lowest front end) as we found DS would constantly slip down and be lying on it which didn't seem very comfortable. After that we would just lie him on the base of the bath and fill it up to ear level. There is nothing he enjoyed more (and still doesn't) then kicking about in the bath.
We used the laundry sink with all of ours and then when they grew out of that that just went into the normal bath. I did get two of the foam garden weeding knee things to help the knees when bathing in the big bath. I don't think a baby bath is a must have. Well for us it was not.

I used the baby bath that comes in the change table we bought for the first few weeks but i found it quicker and easier to use our bath and bought a plastic baby seat thing for newborns they also sell fabric ones.Inless you have a c section obviously then youd have to use the change table baby bath( which is proberly what they were made for)
I haven't actually got one but saw really cool inflatable ducky baths at target. They would be great because no hard edges so would be comfy to hold them in & when they get bigger & start sitting they could lean on it comfortably. Plus they're really cute!

Google 'puj tub.' My mum got me one for DD (3rd bub) and wished l had it from day one! On the expensive side, but l thought well worth it, especially if you are prone to an irritable back. And they resale pretty well too.

I would buy the mesh bath, it's great with newborns and once bub is sitting up, remove the mesh and continue to use it. I have one of those portable spouts in my kitchen so it was long enough to fill the tub with water.

This way you use less water, don't have to worry about the cleanliness of a sink and u can use it again for bub no.2 or give it away to save the room.
we used the laundry sink until he was too big, it was perfect I put a couch cushion in the washing machine and dressed him there. we had a baby bath but i found it more of a hassle to fill/lugg around. Once he went to the big bath i used one of those toweling ramp things for a while, heaps easier!
we still bath bubs on the kitchen sink....we have used 3 baths in total and she is now nearly 9 months

works for us
good luck with everything
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