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Ikea SUNDVIK cot - please help!!! Lock Rss

Hi all,

I'm driving myself potty searching for the perfect cot. My husband and I quite like the Ikea Sundvik so - as always - I've found myself searching the internet for reviews. There have been some posts I've seen where the base has bowed and there have been problems with it. That TERRIFIED me with the SIDS risk. From what I can see, there was a recall a while back and it's now back on the market. I'm assuming this issue is resolved then. BUT as a neurotic mother-to-be it's now are me REALLY weary.

What I really need to hear are other's views of this cot. Have you got it? Has it served you well? I think I've scared myself with the negative reviews and need to hear more realistic and up to date ones.

I've got my heart set on the Hemnes drawers as my change table/dresser. I ideally wanted the white and was planning on buying a white cot from a regular baby cot, but my darling husband has dropped the bombshell that he doesn't like white cots. Matching colours of different furniture in this case will be a misery! I KNOW one should;t chose a cot based on colour scheme! I did like the Sundvik already in white - but am now considering the black-brown one with furniture to compliment it from Ikea too.

I'm rambling now.

I'll stop.

Please someone give me your thoughts before I go (even more) crazy!

Thaaaaank you! xx
I can't comment on the Ikea cot as I haven't used one, but my reaction to your post is - are you serious! Are you really getting stressed out over nursery furniture and whether it all matches or not? The kid will be using it for 2 or 3 years max and then you'll be stressing all over again about whether the big bed matches the wardrobe and the rug. Really, your baby won't care and neither should you. Just make sure the cot is safe and the bedding is climate appropriate and everything else will be fine. I am not trying to be critical of you, it's just that when we had our first child we had no money for anything and we took what we were given or could buy very cheaply. I worried and lost sleep over whether this was OK and you know what? It was FINE!! Don't feel that you need to provide your baby with a designer bedroom where everything is picture perfect. The only thing your baby wants is love, safety and comfort.
Maybe I didn't make my point too clearly in my original post. I'm not stressing over it being match-matchy. I'm stressing about the safety of the cot.

We are on a tight budget and I've skrimped and saved as much as possible on everything so far. 2nd hand and gifted items have formed much of our baby 'haul'. I'd personally really like our nursery not to look too disjointed and that's something I'm prepared to save to get. I've been saving really hard to be able to do this and I don't think it's a failing of mine to want that. However, the main concern is safety - hence my original question. I understand you said you're not trying to be critical - but it certainly felt that way!

We've been waiting a looooong time for this baby and I don't think I should apologise for wanting what I want. I'm sure a lot of new mothers are the same. Again - this is NOT at the expense of safety smile

Honestly, the colour thing was just a throwaway comment.

I'm a bit disappointed now to be honest, I thought I could ask for safety advice and offload a mini hormone fuelled rant with other Mummas here. Oh well. Apologies if I've offended anyone with my question. I'm a bit bemused.
No apologies needed, I understand where you're coming from! Unfortunately I can't give you any advice on cots as we never had to shop for one (got given a used cot & changeable set from family). I would imagine that if a cot has slats or is strengthened under the base, it shouldn't be able to bow; you could always check it regularly if you're worried? I also doubt a young baby could cause a cot base to bow - maybe if they're toddlers and jumping around in the middle, and if the cot doesn't have much structural support? Sorry I can't be too much help sad All the best deciding though!
Sorry can't help you with that specific cot but had to reply to your comment re the colour. Don't get a dark colour! When your lo gets some teeth those little bite marks really stand out. If you want nice nursery furniture and have saved hard for it it's a bit heartbreaking to see that light wood colour showing through!
Vixibell wrote:

I'm a bit disappointed now to be honest, I thought I could ask for safety advice and offload a mini hormone fuelled rant with other Mummas here. Oh well. Apologies if I've offended anyone with my question. I'm a bit bemused.

Please dont be put off and dont apologise!! smile when I had my first baby setting up the nursery was a big deal, the colours the furniture, the layout- I had a clear idea of what I wanted and made it work on our budget- I was lucky enough that we could afford what I wanted (I still sourced the best deals). I don't think it's unreasonable at all to have things the way you want smile

Good luck with your original cot question, sorry I can't help with that!
I like the look of it, and that you can convert it into a toddler bed (if you're going to have a big gap between children. But the lack of the drop down side would drive me bonkers... Also none of my three were biters, but a lot of my friends babies were, so bite marks never came into it for me. GL with your choice.
The Sundvik looks like a nice cot. I'd hazard a guess and say any safety issues have been resolved. Ikea did just release a few new cots in their catalogue too.

I personally prefer white over black/brown and I don't think it would work very well with white. You can mix light wood colours with white and it looks lovely. I have a honey coloured cot and plan to mix it with white furniture (also from ikea!).

Would you consider a different brand of cot? If so you might be able to pacify OH with some better colour choices. My OH also hates white and thinks it is sterile. Pah!

Hi Vixibell, I am sorry if my reply was harsh-sounding. I meant to be reassuring but obviously wasn't tactful enough. Sorry. And good on you for striving to get what you really want. I hope you find the safe cot you feel happy with AND the look you want. Like I said, your baby won't care, but it sure is nice to have your home looking good!
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