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Convertible car seat for new born Rss


My first bub is due in December and I am yet to settle on a car seat. I have decided though that I don't want a capsule and want a convertible car seat from 0-4yrs.

Had thought I wanted the maxi cosi as the retail guy gave it a great plug. However, now I have looked at the new infa secure range and they seem to have gear reviews and half the price? Can it be too good to be true?

I want an easy to install unit as we need to be able to move it between cars as we both have company cars. Don't want it too bulky and would like washable covers. And of course need it as safe as possible.

Any suggestions would be great. Starting to get anxious about all this stuff as I feel so unprepared.
Hi Sparkaly,

I am like you I didn't want the whole capsule thing so we have bought the Infa Secure 0 - 8 and it's awesome love it, it's a little bit of a punish to put in (not due till March but did a trial) but it is an awesome seat and such great value especially for something that will last so long!

Good luck choosing!
Stina smile

I can't help with choosing but two things to consider

How long can your child rear face? The longer the better, ie will a 2 yr old fit rear facing?

Life expectancy of seat. Most seats are made with a 10 yr life span, so when u choose the model you want get the latest manufacturing date possible. Some seats are already a year or 2 old in the shop.
Thanks for the info so far. The infa secure I'm considering is the kompressor caprice. If anyone has one would love to hear your opinion.
We have 2 seats so we dont have to do the swap around twice a day, we have the safe n sound compaq and the Infa Secure 0 - 8 classique. Neither will rear face until 2 as she is almost 8 months and getting close to the shoulder marker (she is tall like her dad). Might make 1 year though.

I like both seats but shop around re price and ask to put it in car to see if it fits.....the infa secure 0-8 is quite big

Sparkaly wrote:
Thanks for the info so far. The infa secure I'm considering is the kompressor caprice. If anyone has one would love to hear your opinion.

Perhaps you might consider the Infa Secure Neon. I have been told it has high shoulder markers for rear facing.

The diono radian RXT does newborn - forever, our dd has not long turned 2 and we still have it rear facing (can do up to 20kg I think) . Mind you she was still in her capsule till 19 months.
It's a bit pricey but is easily transferable car to car, high safety rating, narrow so could fit 3 across no problem (not that were planning on having 3!) and she'll never need another seat.
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