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Used Mattress Lock Rss

Hi everyone it's early to be buying baby things already but I found a bargain on Gumtree of nursery furniture. It included a Boori Cot Mattress which looks very clean but the previous owner did say the furniture is 9 years old & I think they had 3 children use it.
I know new mattresses aren't that expensive you can get some for about $60+ from Target or BIG W etc. But this is a really good brand & they said they always used a mattress protector.
I feel confused about if I should save myself the money buying the new one and clean this one properly somehow. I know $60 isn't a lot of money but then again that could be a box of nappies or something else that you need when baby comes.
My question is.. have people used used mattresses and does anyone know how to professionally clean them perhaps?
Steam cleaning would probably do the trick. Or do people just think get rid of it and buy a brand new one just to be safe. I did read on the SIDS website that they don't scientifically link used mattresses to SIDS but another group of people had their suspicions about it.. thanks everyone
I thought that it was a SIDS risk to use a 2nd had matress??

Anyway my personal opinion is not to use a 2nd hand matress (unless 2nd hand from your own child) but 2nd hand cot is ok.
I don't think there is any scientific link between SIDS and whether the mattress is new or second hand.

If there was then you would change your mattress for your second child, but I'm pretty sure everyone uses the same mattress the second time around.

I think if its good quality and in good condition, clean it and definitely use a good mattress protector and i think it would be fine. That being said though, I'm not an expert, just my opinion. I just think we have a tendency to be a bit over precious sometimes
If the mattress is clean and you can't see any water marks or stains and does not smell. I would re use it. Before baby comes I would put it outside and spray with glen 20 for febreze and leave for a few days in the sun.

If you are to get a new mattress make sure that it is the exact right size as there is more of a SIDS risk if the mattress is not the right size for the cot with gaps around the edges.

Good luck.

If it were me I would use it provided it was in good condition, no broken springs, sags or mould. My cot mattress has been through 3 kids and is still almost perfect, it was really expensive and good quality I hope someone else gets some use from it when I'm done smile
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