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Baby bottle advice? Lock Rss

Hi everyone i am not sure if this is in the right topic category but I wanted mothers advice.
I am expecting my first baby in May I was wondering firstly when is it too early to buy things?? We were originally going to try put money away & try buy everything closer to the due date in case something bad was too happen. But there's a few things on special & i would like to buy things already to try get more closer to the idea we are going to be parents soon.

Also lately in catelogues there has been Closer to Nature Essential starter kit for sale for $150 the stores claim you are saving $100 which reads good. I am wanting to breast feed if all goes to plan so obviously i will need a breast pump too. I was wondering has anyone got advice when it comes to the bottle brands?
Anyone used this Closer to Nature brand?
Hi and congrats on your pregnancy!
There's no harm in starting to buy stuff now if it's on sale, this is the best time of year leading up to xmas anyway for sales.
I had an Avent manual breast pump which I used for both my kids as I had so much milk. I found it pretty easy to use and I'm sure the closer to nature one would be similar. I did use closer to nature bottles for those times that I had to go out and leave my babies with grandma and they seemed to prefer them to the Avent bottles as the teat was more 'booby shaped'.

Hope this helps smile
Totally recommend the 'Closer to Nature' bottles smile Up to you if you want a breast pump, we bought an electric Lansinoh breast pump online before our first (electric are meant to be best) - but barely used it, as hand expressing was so much quicker and easier (once you learn how to do it). I had to start with hand expressing in the hospital due to a little boy who didn't want to feed, and it's very easy smile Pumped out a bottle in no time!

As for when to buy things, I personally started as soon as I knew we were expecting wink
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