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Hi ladies,

I am a soon to be first time mum & I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on nursery furniture.

I've seen a package offering a boori country cot, matching change table and matching bassinet, including mattresses for $999.

Is this a good deal? Will I use the bassinet? Are change tables useful or am I better with draws?

Option 2 is a sleigh cot & 5 draw dresser with 2 open shelves on either side for $599.

I'm so confused!!!
Hello Beach Princess, i am a FTM too.. $999 sounds like a great price for all 3.
I still use the bassinet at 5 months cos he hates the big cot still... and i love the change table. i put different size baskets on mine and it works well for me smile
That sounds really good. Boori is a really good brand, we bought a second hand Boori Bundle off of Gumtree which is 10 years old. Great condition. It seems like reliable furniture.

Maybe check out what you can get second hand you will save so much money.
It's my first time round too, I got my furniture for under $400 on gumtree, that was cot, changetable with shelves & bookshelves (all Boori). Once you add your mattresses and other little bits of furniture for the nursery you find you are spending quite a bit. It all adds up. Watch out for sales at Baby Bunting I find they are pretty good with their prices. smile
Another thing with Boori cots they are larger and therefor need to buy a large mattress. I am finding most sheet sets fit it but only just!!
Boori is a great brand, but Pisces92, it's nowhere near the quality it used to be and the therefor the quality yours would be. It changed around 2009 when it brought out its v10 range and has since brought out other even cheaper ranges. Pretty sad really. Apparently it's so they can compete with more brands as a classic cot alone used to cost over $800 when they deleted the v2 model.

Beach_Princess - I still think it's a great buy and if you like it then go for it. Just sad that Boori's not quite what it used to be. But I know that if I was a new mum (as much as I personally love the old models) I would buy the new ones because that's just me.

Hey, you actually just reminded me, DF and I walked into Baby Kingdom just to have a look what was around, we walked out of there spending over $5k. Oops! I'm not normally someone who buys on first instinct either. I usually umm and ahhh and shop around.

Until things are properly settled with your newborn, I can suggest this hospital type bassinet . It can really help out a lot during the first few months. you can also hire it and then move onto getting longer lasting furniture -
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