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Pram suggestions Lock Rss

Hi, I'm looking at buying a new pram and after other mums' suggestions. I would like something compact & able to fit a second seat. I was considering a steelcraft strider compact but the reviews online seem really mixed so I'm feeling very confused! Any suggestions or experiences would be great smile
I love, love, love my snap 4 sport. It is so light, ridiculously easy to fold/unfold and carry and it's sturdy as. It's great for rougher terrain and has a huge hood with great coverage. Handles brilliantly and i'm often off the footpaths with it as there aren't many footpaths where I live. I wish I'd gotten one heaps sooner. Oh and theres heaps of headroom for growing toddlers and it is quite compact. I can't think of anything I don't love about it.
I'm just not sure if it fits a second seat though ...
Thank you! Sounds great, I'll check it out. Hopefully it does fit a second seat smile
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