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Baby Monitor buying... Lock Rss

Hello - I'm expecting my first child and my Husband and I think we should invest in a baby monitor. Seeing its number 1 baby we would like advice on how to get the best one (within our budget) that wont give us any trouble. I have read so many reviews I'm back to sq1 on what really is the best monitor out there? Would like one with a warranty .... or is that too much to ask? Has anyone found the "best" one that never fails ?? Please help!
We brought the Oricom 710, it is a camera monitor, and we have found it great, it comes with a three year warranty. Our base unit had an issue after we had had it a year and Oricom replaced it no questions asked, just sent us a new one smile
I'd recommend it! smile

Thanks so much! grin smile I have just been looking on and everyone seems to be having so much trouble with their Oricom Secure 710. I know I shouldnt hold back on just personal views but they all seem to be having major issues, battery alerts waking them up in the middle of the night, or wifi issues using the monitor too close to other transmitting devices like mobile phones or will stop when using the microwave!! Really would like a "no-fuss" Monitor but maybe we're trying too hard tongue
We went with AngelCare AC1100 as all our friends recommended these and so did the sales rep where we bought it. Absolutely fantastic, we love it and have never have a problem - 2 years on and about to use again!! I think there's newer models out now that are even better. Hope this helps smile
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