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Car seat or Bassinet Pram Attachment? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, from your own experiences, would you recommend having a car seat attachment for your pram for easy transition of baby from car to pram? Or do you think a bassinet attachment would be more beneficial in terms of being able to leave baby asleep once walked and ease of accommodation at family/friends places?
I am thinking of getting a baby jogger buggy but don't want to get any unnecessary attachments as my house is only tiny and I have no room for storage!

Thanks smile
Bassinet is better for baby. Baby shouldn't spend long periods in capsule. Capsule should only be used in car. Long time increase capsule can in risk of SIDS. I would always transfer out of carseat. Look at baby carriers too.
Get a pram which lies flat meaning a bassinet is unnecessary. I had a capsule that fit my pram and to be honest it made life so much easier for the first 6 months or so... it was fantastic. Didn't have to wake my son if he fell asleep to transfer him to and from the car if I was just popping out to the shops. I no longer have my pram/capsule but plan to get a capsule for my next Bub. It was worth it in my opinion.
I'd definitely go capsule that fits a pram. I didn't have it for my first bub but did for my second and now again for my 16 week old. So convenient! I love it and highly recommend it. Good luck smile
I hired some Snap N Go wheels (From Baby Factory) for my capsule and it's been AMAZING!!! Seriously, so convenient and so quick to set up. Yes babies shouldn't be in capsules for too long but for a quick trip to the mall or getting a coffee, it has been a life saver. My little man is 7.5 months and still fits it perfectly. Too bad we need to return the wheels in a few weeks.Also, when he did fall asleep in the capsule once we got home, I'd lie it back as far as it would go, popped a towel or something underneath to make it even flatter (making sure his chin wasn't touching his chest), undid the buckles and just let him sleep for a bit longer.
Thanks for all your replies! Definitely helpful with making my decision! I think I will go for the capsule and get a pram that is newborn friendly and can lie flat! Thanks again!
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