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huggies fun car Lock Rss

has anyone got a huggies fun car or the old play tunnel?

i'm saving up barcodes and now have 6 newborn/infant ones and debating whether to get the playmat or keep saving for the fun car or the play tunnel (which i assume huggies will have an offer for sometime in the future).

my bub already has a similar playmat and a playgym so i don't really want to get her another one.

any feedback on the other huggies offers would be appreciated.

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

I'm in the same boat - not sure which one to get. I have come to the conclusion though that the playmat would be more appropriate at this stage and if i have enough barcodes and there are still cars available then i will get one then.

We got the Huggies Fun Car the other day and we haven't stopped driving! My 2 year old loves to take his turn at the wheel while I get in the back and he drives me to all the places that I drive him to. At mother's group all the kids piled in the car and took turns driving - it was so much fun to watch. Now we keep having "car accidents" and keep rolling the car - even more fun!
We have the old tunnel as well - it was also fun but I think he likes the car more.
With a playmat you can always throw a few toys onto the mat to play with if the mat is plain.

Chez, Sydney

I have both the tunnel and car. The kids love them both!!! Brilliant idea...THANKS HUGGIES!!!! The boys just adore the car and take all thier soft toys in there and play for hours. The tunnel is just as great although they are a bit over it at the moment. I leave the tunnel in the car now so that if we end up at someones house that's not so kid friendly they have something to play with and the beauty is that it takes up no space!!!

twinboys & a princess

I sent away for the Huggies fun car and we received it a few weeks ago. My family all think it's great and my nine month old does too. She's been crawling since she was 7 months and went into the fun car for the first time last week. I lift up the sides and keep them taped up so that she can crawl in and out and see me when she's inside. I've got to watch her while she's in it though 'cause she's prone to rolling the car once she gets her little hands on the wheel! She has a ball and I love watching her get all excited as she crawls and plays in there, squeeling and having a great time. It really is a great toy and will last for a few more years to come. Thanks Huggies for putting out a terrific offer!
We just got the huggies car last week, as my daughter is only 4 months old she didnt really understand what all the fuss was about. We have put it away until she gets older to appreciate it more, as for the the playmat, i have several playmats but the huggies one is used more often as it is light and can easy fold up and be taken with you.

Tina, QLD 4mth Baby girl

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