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Baby Car Capsule Lock Rss

Hi, just wondering if anyone has used a baby car capsule that can be taken out and used as a carrier. I've got a convertable car seat but DS1 is still using it and I'm hoping that he can go into a booster seat by the time Baby2 outgrows the capsule.

The ability to transfer baby in and out of the car while in the capsule is a huge draw for me.

Just wondering if anyone has used a car capsule and if there are any tips as to how easy to use, easy to carry about etc.
Also, any tips on the entire travel system (pram + capsule)? Would love one that could fit a toddler seat on too, but doesn't seem to exist sad


C4Lin, WA ; DS(1) 25 02 04 ; DS(2) 10 10 06

Hey. We love our capsule, it is so great when you are just popping in somewhere quick and you can't be bothered with the pram. In saying that, they are pretty awkward to carry and I can't carry them for too long! But I love it in the supermarket as well. I thoroughly recommed getting one with a base. The base stays in the car and you just clip the capsule in and out - heaps quicker than having to strap it in every time. Hope this helps smile

Sherree, NZ, Baby Maia born March 22nd 2006

Hi c4lin,

we used a capsule for Aiden and it was great, if we went out and he was asleep we just lifted the capsule out & off we went.. We also had a Steelcraft Ebony pram and the capsule fitted in there aswell (even though it wasnt made for that pram).

They are around $200 to buy, have you thought of hireing one? You can normally hire them for 6 months for about $60.. Just a thought!

Good Luck

Hi c4lin, we also hired a capsule for Ava - about $60 I think. They only hold bubs up to 6 months though so we'll have to get a proper car seat at some stage. At 3 months, she is already starting to look kind of big in it.... But they are extremely easy to install/ get in and out/ and carry. Not sure about the pram and capsule systems. I know the Phil & Teds has the ability to do this but I'm not sure if you can then get a toddler seat on as well.

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

I am currently using a capsule - my boy is now 11 weeks. It is the best thing especially when we are getting ready to go out, I just put him in it if he is looking tired and we are almost out the door. Saves disturbing him. I hired a Safe and Sound capsule from the Red Cross for 3 months for a total of $50. My pram is a Baby Love Metropolis 3 wheeler, can fit a toddler seat - is the best!
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