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nappy stacks. Lock Rss

Hi I am getting ready for the birth of our first born and me and hubby know nothing about newborns or babies. We are trying to learn as much as we can.
Anyway I am just wondering where do you store nappies in babies room? Should I buy a nappy stacker or is there something else I could do.
I have already stored up a great supply of nappies that I got on special over the year, they are taking up the whole linen cupboard until his room is finished. But then I am unsure where they will go???
Sorry if this seems like a stupid question.
I store them in a container that fits nicely under DD cot... saves room....

Just wondering if you got all newborn nappies? Cause he may grow out of them really quickly... My daughter did.

Congrats and you will be fine.. it is the greatest thing in the world... HARD at times but none the less it is amazing.


My sister is quite creative when it comes to decorating baby rooms. I to was wondering where to store all of the nappies, until my sister showed me a nappy stack that she made to match the curtains and the babies cot cover that she and I also made. The nappy stack has an infant cothanger sewn in at the top which makes it easier for me to hang, as i can hang it in the wardrobe, off the towel rail or from the hock sespended in the ceiling. They are easy to make once you know how. Good luck

Tina, QLD 4mth Baby girl

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