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I was after some advise, I have been looking at strollers today and I was just wondering if people think they are worth spending the extra money on or should you just settle for the cheaper type with the more basic features? I have found one that is just over $300 (which I know is cheap to some people) which I love and has all of these extra features, but the baby grows so fast and I was just wondering how much use you really get out of a stroller and am I better off spending $100 less on the more basic stroller?

Lisa - Tyler (06/05), Emily (05/07)

Hey - I had the same dilemma when pregnant, and I agree that more important than price are the features in the pusher/pram/stroller. I wanted one where the baby was able to face me when small then able to turn the other way as he grows, also handy on a sunny day being able to face the shady direction. Also needed to be easy to fold and actually of a size that would fit into the car - I was amazed some are so big when folded you have to pull the wheels etc off to fir in car boot. The weight of the pram is another, some are so heavy you need muscles to heave into the car boot. I also wanted big wheels so I could get on and off trains easier on my own (although sometimes that gap is still too big I need to get someone to help)
In the end spent approx $500 on a pram which also coverts into a pusher so will hopefully be ok for the whole time. I do alot of walking so I wanted something sturdy and practical. In the end I am very happy with my purchase and am glad I looked around alot. I almost bought a pram when I was about 4 mths preg, it was on special, which I have since heard a few unhappy stories about - including that when folded it would be too long to fit across the car boot). I even asked some mums on the street about their prams if I liked the look of them - very useful hints were usually passed on from their prams point of practicality. Good Luck

Leesa, Melbourne

I have a Bertini Metro II which i love! It goes from a pram to a stroller, has a reversable handle, and a million other extras. I got mine from Baby Target on 20% off sale for around $300.

Di, vic, Jai born 17/8/04

i got my pram of ebay it was brand new worth 300 got it for 150, they come from a auction place in melbourne they are still in a box, it says from 6 months up but i had it since breanna was new bon and will do her for ages

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

hi i have a steelcraft swivel lite delx and i find it perfect! it was $500 including the toddler seat. i walk alot and live in the sticks so when we go to adelaide the kids spend all day in the pram with no complaints. it also has an adjustable handle which we need im only small and my parnter is over 6ft 4.
i personally dont like the cheaper strollers due to the fact that everyone i see with them is stooping over and that can not be good for your back at all. you dont see many with a carry basket underneth for shopping and things, so you put them on top or over the handles and make them really unstable. if you do choose one please make sure you get one with a sturdy frame you can. my friend bought a cheap and nasty one that kept folding up while the child was in it! so if price is not really an issue i would go with best you can afford, its for your and your child comfort
Tasmin 2
Liam 9wks

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

hi - i had looked around for a long time for the perfect STROLLER, believe me there are ones that have so many features that you wouldnt even use. I ended up finally buying a stroller on SALE from target worth $450 and got it for $299 it was a great buy! Kayden is a wk and a half off of 4months and loves the different positions the stroller has.
the only thing that you really need is a reversable handle so that you can have baby facing you or looking out to big big world! also having the different levels of sitting positions is excellent. other than that i wouldnt worry too much about because they are only features that end up being more WORRY THAN THEY ARE WORTH! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

i got the steelcraft acclaim 3 wheeler from babies galore for $299. its really good can last until bubba is 4 years old and has a strong undercarriage so i can take it to the shops an fill it with the weeekly groceries, its a bit wide but the best pram i believe have seen lots of mums with it.


Aimee, 4 year old princess

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