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hi im a new mum and I was given a sling by my mother in law when my son was born I wear it all day long its great he sleeps in it and I always have my hands free to do things like go to the bathroom which can be hard when you have a crying baby. my mother in law makes them its good because you can choose which fabric you want. they are the best thing ever i couldnt live without it.
I like my baby bjorn baby carrier also. However, Jimmy is getting heavier and I can only carry him for so long before my back starts to hurt.

Michelle, mum to James born 15/9/03

slings are great also because the child can go in them till they are 4 yrs old my neice loves hers when shes really tired and shes nearly4 1/2. they dont put strain on your back like a front pack.
I absolutely agree,
I have a meh tai cloth sling and it folds up small to put in a pocket or baby bag, washes easily and can be used front or back - and it was cheap compared to all the complicated ones. It has nmaa on the tag.

AJs mum

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