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what pram to get?? Lock Rss

I have 2 boys 3 an 20 months, I am expecting baby 3 in feb. I am wondering to stick to my back and frount pram or to get a 3 weeler with a todler seat.
I would like to here from anyone whos tried both and what was the easiest to use.


I don't know if this will be of any help but I have a 4 yr old, a 23 mth old and a 4 mth old. I have a twin side by side pram which is great in that both the little ones can have sleeps but the 23 mth old tends to wake the 4 mth old sometimes. I also have a pram with a todler seat which is great for walking as it has steerable wheels and I attach a todler tourer for the 4yr old when shopping so that I know where he is. When I looked into prams the back and front prams could not take a todler tourer when the back seat was laid down which was an issue for me as I wanted to walk to and from kindy and knew that the eldest would not walk that far. It al really depends on what you want to be able to do, how well behaved the boys are and how much you want to spend. Ipicked both mine up second hand.
Hi Catherine,

I only have two children so I may not be much help to you but here goes....

I have a Valco Runabout II with a toddler seat. The toddler seat takes a toddler up to 20kg. The pram has a steerable front wheel so it is easy to move and I have no trouble steering it with one hand. It is light a fits easily into the boot of my Toyota Camry. The toddler seat folds down flat and doesn't have to be removed when you fold the pram up. I bought my pram secondhand on Ebay for $317, the toddler seat was given to me by a friend but they can be purchased for about $110.

I have one 20 month and two seven month olds. I found there's only one twin pram with a toddler seat and it's about $800 for the set. EEK!
I bought a side by side jogger but sold it because theyre far too bulky and heavy, and i couldn't use a skateboard with it anyway. I now have a Valco twin runabout side by side stroller and I love it, $250, weighs 6kgs and folds to nothing, and suitable for newborn to 17kg each. At the moment the oldest stands on the front when i'm by myself, and goes in a single stroller when i'm not. I'm buying a skateboard for the oldest very soon. I used to use a sling to carry one baby but i'm pregnant and they're too heavy now!
Before you buy anything make sure it's as light as possible, and fits in the car along with the shopping etc, and will also fit through a standard doorway, my first didn't do this and it was the most frustrating thing! If your back and front pram is good though stick with it, get a carrier for while the baby's little and a skateboard for when it gets too heavy for you, portability is the key with lots of littlies! Good luck with the kids and pregnancy.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

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