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Ambulance Capsule Hire Lock Rss


I'm hoping that someone could help me with advice, etc.

In Queensland, the Ambulance offers a Baby Capsule Hire service. The cost is $65 for six months (recommneded that bub's will be out of it by then). Has anyone used this service or knows someone how has?

I'm shopping for options and haven't liked the idea of purchasing a capsule for limited time use.

Also I've never used a capsule before.

Any and all advice is much appreciated.


Hi Jody,
I'm not in QLD but I'm in NSW and we have a similar thing but sometimes its the hospitals here that hire them out and I know a friend of mine hired a capsule for 6mths for her baby and thought it was a good idea, her bub was only in it for 5mths but still she had good use out of it in that time.
I have my own capsule which I had bought 2nd hand but in excellent condition and have now used it for both my children and plan to use it again when we have another, so I didnt' have to hire one but they are great for when your baby is young, for both my children we used ours right up to when they were 6mths old but depending on size some people only get a few mths use out of them before their bub gets too big for them.

hi jody,
babies dont normally fit in a capsual for more than 6months any way. Well at 6months they should be around the right weight for a front facing seat. But there should be shorter time limits as well as 6months so if you need it for another month then you can keep it. I would check it out.
Also you can buy a forward facing and capsual all in one car seat. I got mine from Target when they had a huge sale on, last year. My bubby has been in it for 6months (in capsual position) and we are turning it around this weekend. And if you plan on having more than one baby, it might be worth just forking out the money on the first one and keeping it for your 2nd child?

Hope this helps
Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

hi there we used the capsule hire with our 1st and it was great as when u go somewhere and the baby is asleep you just take the capsule and they dont get disturbed it was well worth it we are having twins now and dont think we will use it for them but thats only cause we couldnt fit it all in the car

Anita,QLD,mother of madi,lachlan and harrison


the capsules are really good. You know they are professional fitted (peace of mind) and you can take bub with you in the top part of the capsule without the need to unstrap eg or put bub into the capsule in your home and carry the bub to the car without the need to have the fiddling there (good for rainy days if you have no cover). It is cheap and a very safe option.

You can also hire a capsule from Kidsafe House in Brisbane, conditions are similar. We got ours from a babyshop - some offer the same service - you just need to ask.

QLD - Sunshine Coast, son born 8/05, daughter 4/07

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