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jolly jumper r they good??? Lock Rss

i've just brought a jolly jumper for my 3month old boy, he seems to like it, i put him in it for about 10mins then he starts crying to get out of it, r they good for his development or bad for their legs and back????
Hi,i dont no about being bad for their legs & back,but i think 3 mths may be a little young still for a jolly jumper,i put my daughter in one at 4mths & she was not supported enough in it(she was 5kg born so she was very strong)but she was still not ready for it,i did it again 2mths later & she did enjoy it,but not for long periods,just 10min now & then.Maybe you could try again in a couple of months when he is stronger.My daughter did love the activity centers(the ones they sit in the middle of)she got many mths of enjoyment out of that!!

Hi, I don't know if tey are good or not but my first born loved hers so I plan on using it again for my newborn when she gets old enough. They can't be too bad for them as my first born walked at 8 months.

ayla (4 months), jordan(4yrs), maddys(7yrs)

hi there my first loved her jolly jumper from memory we started her around 4 months and she loved it she walked at 9 months and hasnt looked back she was born with a dislocatable hip and was in a brace for the 1st 11 weeks of life so i think if anything it helped her i intend using it for my twins who are on the way

Anita,QLD,mother of madi,lachlan and harrison

Hi Jackie

I know baby walkers are bad but I've never heard that jolly jumpers aren't any good for development.

We've had our DD in one since 10 weeks of age!! We started off with say 10 mins at the beginning & now she's up to say 30 mins at a time, a couple of times a day now.
The way I see it, if they can hold their head up then they're ready for it. DD has been stretching out her legs with a lot of force, she's been 'itching' to get into something - that something being a jolly jumper. She is a very strong little girl & always has been.
She's not overly active in it 'cos she is so young but she does enjoy it nonetheless. She too will get grizzly & that's just a sign that yes, she has had enough. Not to say that she hates it!! It's just enough JJ for now & to try again later when she has more energy to burn.

Krystalee 11 weeks 3 days

Kerry, WA

I just pulled out the instructions that came with my jolly jumper and they say that..
"Adjust baby's height by means of chain links on hook, toes should just touch floor - baby should not be too low down."

My baby was put in the jolly jumper at 10 weeks (with mum hovering nervously around) but he loved it straight away. Now at 15 weeks he plays in it for about 15 minutes twice a day.... He sometimes cries when I take him out of it, I think he would play in there until he fell asleep if I let him! I have also noticed that he seems to sleep better since using it. My sisters 6 month old also loves to play in it, she jumps around like there is no tomorrow and sleeps completely through the night, no problems.

Rochelle, ACT (boy 9/09/05)

I've heard from my pregnancy physio class that both jolly jumpers and baby walkers are bad for development because they skip the normal process of trying to crawl and end up being "toe walkers" cause the achilles tendon and associated muscles become over-stimulated. Also, my bf's little brother used a walker before he could even crawl and now is a little bow legged (and never learnt to crawl). I know that I won't be buying either of these products for my bub so to avoid any possible developmental problems. If in doubt, ask your doctor/nurse (anyone!) on your next visit, they usually can point you in the right direction.

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

I have heard that they are not so good as it can encourage the bub to balance on their toes and not take support (like the baby walkers). In saying that, I think that they say this because some were putting their bubs in it all the time, each play time for 1/2 hour or more at a time. I put my first in it while I fixed dinner prob for 20 min every second day. he was running at 10 months. I dont think that it was bc of the jolly jumper, but it didnt take anything away from him. I know of kids who have been put into the baby walkers and they dont understand how to take weight on their feet. The just collapse as they are used to having their bodies supported. So if you were using the jolly jumper and they started to do this just take them out till they develop that skill back. Its a matter of watching and learning what is best for your bub. My second hated it, and now even at 14mths still hates it.
Talk to your health nurse if you are really concerned.

Good luck.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

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