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Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump vs Medela Swing Breast Pump Lock Rss


We are planning on following The Contented Little Baby routine and need a breast pump. I will only need to express about 60ml twice a day.

Can anyone offer any advice as to which would be the better electric pump out of the above two?

Thanks!! Create a great day.
i have a 5 week old and am using the medela swing. i have no complaints about it but dont know what the differences between the two are. I was reccommended the swing by my hospital. Hope this helps
I use the Medela mini electric which I bought from the ABA and love it. I havent used the SWING - so cant compare sorry.
I would say though that you dont 'need' to follow a certain book about how to parent your precious new babe, unless someone has told you to?? ALso - you wont know what your BM supply is like until your babe arrives. Seems a little too planned to say what you are and are not going to do as far as routines and how much milk you will express - but then I guess if you have a role model - that is what many people follow. we are all different though - and what I have found with many mums is that they feel a failure if a 'method' isnt working.

I consider myself a bit of a 'cave woman mama' - LOL - as I follow my instincts - not any books - and it works. I trust - and so do my sons. Saying that - we can get pressure from lots of places to 'conform'.
Please just remember that all babies are different and they dont come with a manual that says that they will respond the same. Follow your heart - for all of your sakes - and not something so strict it makes life unenjoyable if it isnt working out. Enjoy your pregnancy smile

I've got the Medela Mini Electric and it has been great. I only had to use it for a short time while I gave my breasts a rest (it took me and the bub a while to get into breastfeeding). And I must say that I'm glad we got the hang of breastfeeding because expressing is hard work, even with a pump. I found it really time consuming compared to pure breastfeeding. But it was a good back up to have at the time when everything was going a little pear shaped.

I started out with the manual Avent pump, seemed okay. Then, after 8 months of BF and expressing for my DD, a gilfriend put me on to the Medela Swing Electric pump. The Medela Swing was fantastic and I am going to use it with my next bubs. I was amazed at the difference and how much more and how easily I was able to express.

On a completely different note, may I offer you some advise on the Contented Little Baby routine?

We used this routine for my DD from the day we got home from the hospital. I will say to you, keep an open mind and use it as a guideline.

Folowing the routine strictly, I found Lily would get hysterical every night and this would go on anytime from 5pm to 10/1030pm. Sometimes it would be short, sometimes the whole 5 or so hours. My DH is away for work quite a bit, sometimes up to 4 days at a time, and I found this nightly crying routine to be really hard when I was alone.

After getting the average sleep times for babies from the Maternal Health centre, I decided to put Lily to sleep on her signs, while DH was away on a trip. This worked so much better for her and me. When DH came home, he wasn't too keen to deviate from the CLB routine but after seeing the difference in Lily for one day, he changed his mind.

We still used the CLB routine in a way, but not as strictly. We continued to start the day for her at 7am, but let her sleep when she wanted to during the day and put her to bed at 7pm every night. She is now 17months old and still in that routine.

We also did express and give her a bottle every day which was so handy when it came to having her babysat. I found that I wasn't producing enough milk early evening for her, so we switched the bottle to before bed (instead of the 1030pm feed) and this worked so much better and she slept through longer.

The Contented Little Baby Book was a great help, but keep an open mind about it.

All the best.

I used the Medela swing and it was fantastic!! Can't rave enough about it. I actually went through 2 manual ones before I finally gave in and bought electric. Best move ever.
As for all the advice people are giving you about routines and reading about them, I say do whatever you want to. I really wanted to read up on routines before having my baby and it worked great! Not to say that it wasn't hard and it did make me expect quite a bit of my baby, but once everything settles down I really think doing all that reading before hand is great! I know I could never have done it when I had a screaming newborn and was stressed out so I'm really glad it was in the back of my mind ready to use if we needed it. I figure that I've always had to study for my career, why not do a bit of reading for the most important job in the world!

BTW, my friend is a sales rep for Medela and said the swing is their most popular and effective electric pump. She recommeds it for everyone even though it's not their most expensive.

I've only used the mini electric. If you are only planning on pumping a small amount per day, I would say choose the mini. If however, you find you want to pump more frequently, choose the swing as it is meant to be quieter, which would allow you to do it while watching tv, in the middle of the night and/or when baby is sleeping nearby. The mini is a great pump, but I found it no good for using during any of these times, and it gets pretty boring sitting in a room pumping away, so the quieter the pump the better so you can at least be able to watch tv too! I wouldn't rush out and buy an electric pump though until you're sure you will definately be using it as they are expensive. Also, a manual pump will quite easily give you 60mls a day in no time at all!
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