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My sister inlaw is preparing for her firstborn. She just had a baby shower and has everything she needs. I was unable to make the baby shower and I have asked her what she needs.
What she needs is a breast pump and starter set of bottles.
Has anyone any advice on Brands?
I use the medula breast pump and nuk bottles and have no problems....but would appreciate some input from other mums.

Elisabeth, 2yr old son and bubs due 17th june


For bottles i really like the Pur self steralising bottles as if you have to go out and need to resteralise you only have to take the one bottle if you have access to a microwave instead of taking several bottles.

I used a tommee tippee breast pump and found it really good.

Good luck in deciding there are so many yo choose from

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

i sed the tommee tippee one too and it was good~! ^^
Hi i use the Avent Isis breast pump and bottles. never had any problems and the bottles can be converted into sippy cups as the baby grows up.the also arent cheap and crappy looking like most of the bottles.

thanks guys
I have seen the advent starter maybe that is the way to go.
hey steph..I have a little Zach too..born in June. nice name.

Elisabeth, 2yr old son and bubs due 17th june

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