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I have a 15 month old and expecting number 2 in 8 weeks!

I was just wondering about dummies!
My first baby had colic adn reflux (poor thing) and cried alot.
I don't think I can handle all the crying again so am going to get a dummy.
And just so i can use it if need be, who knows this bub might be happy as!
My first wouldn't take one, would spit out!

But after you have established breastfeeding, 6 weeks I think they say you can introduce one.

So I am wondering how you mums out there with newborns/infants get on with Dummies.
I will breast feed again so am asking teh breastfeeding mums out there which dummies they would reccomend?
And if dummies have interfered with breast feeding?

I am opting for the Tommie Tippie 0-6months latex at the moment as I have seen mums using this and still breastfeeding?

So anyone out there who has any feedback on teh Dummy adn breastfeeding issue I would love to her from you!

Thanks smile

[Edited on 04/10/2007]
DS was breastfed, had reflux and loved the Avent 0-3 mths silicone dummy. It never interferred with his BF.

DD has reflux and wind pain and I have just tried three different dums with her but she either spits them out or chokes on them, so maybe just get one to start with.

I was also told the 6 week mark for introducing one.

Mum to Angus (4) & Abby (Aug 07)

Hi there!
My 5 month old DD uses the Happy Baby brand dummies (started off with the 0-3mth one!) and she has been using then since day 3!
They never interfered with her feeding (as I am currently still happily BF'ing).. Also, they are the ones hospitals recommend and use, so they must be good!
Anyway, good luck in your hunt for dummies- I know and trust Happy Baby so therefore would be happy to recommend them to you!

I use all tommee tippee ones (orthadontic latex) they never interfeered with bf and were the only ones that he could hold in his mouth, I found the avent ones to short and flat.
I also use the tommee tippee closer to nature bottles, I started on them when using expressed milk as the avent ones made him gag, I now full formula feed and find they are great

He was also given a dummy on day 3 by the midwives and had no probs bfing at all the tommee tippee one was recomended by the mw and my chn (the ones i use are called trndy comforters they are sparkly and do not pool dribble like the avent and happy baby)
I tried DS with a dummy and he used it in the hospital (after recommendations from the Midwife as he was apparently using me as a dummy!) it was the Happy brand but once I got him home he only used it occasionally and now would much prefer his hand so I don't bother with it. Has never interfered with my breastfeeding.

Both my sons have used the NUK brand, they are also silicone teats. No problems with BF.

Elisabeth, 2yr old son and bubs due 17th june

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