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Middle names

I am currently pregnant with my 3rd baby unsure of sex yet but i am pretty sure its a boy I reall...

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Hi, love the names, here's some random ideas Layken Lucas Paul Layken Peter Charles Layken Peter Hendrick Layken William Alla...


classy names.. boy and girl

I'm driving myself mad trying to think of baby names... So far we like Heidi for a girl. For...

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i Suggest you some classy names Anferne, Quince Saylor Brax


Boy name suggestions please

Hi everyone smile I am currently pregnant with baby number 3. I already have 2 boys named Rhys a...

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I like the Tyson Here a couple unique ones: Jackson Jamion Leonidas Tiberius Tyson Harlon Cyrus Trey Bakari


3rd boy name!

We have 2 boys named Finn and James. Third boy due June. We are stuck for names we like and go ...

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need some help with a girls name...

hi all I am not sure about a name i came up with yesterday for a girl. We have a boys name pick...

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My baby girl name is Olivia .They've been favorites of mine since I usually prefer uncommon or unique baby names. Willow Frey...


Help with choosing an ethnic baby name

Hi all, we have chosen the name 'Golam' for our son which comes from our culture. Befor...

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Hi... As you've already pointed out it sounds like golem. I personally would never use a name no matter how much I liked it if ...


Aria or Ariana?

I'm not sure if I want to call my baby girl Ariana, or the shorter version Aria. The middle ...

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middle name help!

hi team:-) can anyone help with middle name suggestions to go with either ethan or Abby (baby...

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Ethan: James, Sean, Lee, Jack, Scott, Mark Abby: Rose, Jane, Mae, Leigh Good luck smile xx


Final four choices for our girl

Hi all. We have finally managed to agree on four potential names for our girl due in a few weeks....

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I like Jordyn


Unusual Baby Boy Names??

Hi Everyone, I need help! I found out a 5 weeks ago that I'm having baby boy. My Partner loves P...

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Midge if you're still on the lookout here's our current list: Lennox Ledger Ari Huxley Nixon Corbin Tobin Maddox Phoenix ...


What do you think of these names?

My husband and I are set on giving our kids uncommon or even unheard of names. We love these but ...

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I think Skylah is best (or Skyler) for boy or girl


Middle name for Eve

we have a massive list of names but at the moment Eve nn Evie is front runner. If if we have a ...

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I like Eve Lily best out of your list


Opinions on Evalia for a girls name?

Hi, I really love the name 'Eva' but our last name is only 4 letters, I wanted to go ...

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I think they are pretty I have a friend called Evangeline which could also work.


Decided on names!

What do you think of my decision - Girls - Elora Mae and Lucia Paige. Boys - Sul...

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I like Lucia and Sullivan


PLEASE Help!! Cant decide between 2 girls names..

Hello, We are expecting a baby girl and cannot decide between the below 2 names: Eden & ...

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Eden! I'm not a fan of Ava, too popular and sounds unfinished.