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Boys names

Hi looking for boys names that go with the middle name 'Francis' we already have a Hann...

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Ryan or Blair?

We have a few names on our shortlist for bub number 2, the gender is currently unknown. Do you li...

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I prefer Ryan


Aria or Ariana?

I'm not sure if I want to call my baby girl Ariana, or the shorter version Aria. The middle ...

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I like Aria.


Opinions please

Hi. Can I please get your opinions on the name Trent. I have not heard it much and don't min...

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Oliver Charlotte Charles Amelia Felix Eloise Harrison Lily Mathew Camille


Boys names that go together??

Hi all, Just wanting advice on what boys names go together - have a little boy Jace currently. N...

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I called my boy Jim, I like this name, also I Like Alex, David, John, Bryan


Unusual Baby Boy Names??

Hi Everyone, I need help! I found out a 5 weeks ago that I'm having baby boy. My Partner loves P...

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Just had my little one 8 weeks ago. He didn't have a name for 5 days after birth. We couldn't make up our minds up. We wen...

Pretty but unusual girls names

Im after Pretty girls names but that arnet heard all the time. I dont mind Bailee, lexi and isla....

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I've got Everly on my list. I gotta say I'm on the hate nevaeh bandwagon too. Seems to bogan for my liking sorry. And I ha...


3rd boy name!

We have 2 boys named Finn and James. Third boy due June. We are stuck for names we like and go ...

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Levi Mason Jase Liam Cole Nate Micah


What do you think of this name

Leov for a little boy?

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What spelling is better in NZ?

Hi all I'm a newbie to forums but my husband and I are very torn on the spelling of one of o...

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Those four question marks are meant to show as a smiley face!


Opinions on Maverick for a first name

My husband and I really love this name but just curious on what others think?

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I love it but don't be surprised if your child gets a lot of top gun references.


Boy/Girl twins

What is your opinion on these names: Elliot and Eliza (shortened to Lizzie) Ezra and Eliza Saxon...

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Saxon and Eliza are best. Kia, daisy, Elliot, William, Chris,Richard, Rianne in my opinion.

Mummy of boys

Pls Help!!.... Honest opinion on this name or other suggestions....

We are having our 3rd boy in a 4 weeks. His brothers names are Flynn and Harlan so I wanted somet...

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Hey there I think Kingston is a good match with your other sons name and I love it, its strong and not so common. Some other names...


Makenzie rae ??

Hi i Need help with deciding on middle names for our 3rd babygirl First name Makenzie Middle n...

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Lilly Rae is lovely

Baby Name theft?

Use it. I would especially if you really love it. She obviously didn't love it enough to us...

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Boy name suggestions please

Hi everyone smile I am currently pregnant with baby number 3. I already have 2 boys named Rhys a...

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Thank you everyone. We did have a third boy 7 weeks ago and he went nameless for a whole week but finally settled on Zane Joel xx


Middle name for Eve

we have a massive list of names but at the moment Eve nn Evie is front runner. If if we have a ...

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I prefer Eve Rose


Middle names

I am currently pregnant with my 3rd baby unsure of sex yet but i am pretty sure its a boy I reall...

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Layken William Allan I like it!


Baby Girl Name help!

I'm due in April and can't decide on a name! We know we are having a girl and like the...

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Emily Rose or Amelie Rose

~TJK Mum ~

Middle name for Annabelle?

Hi ladies, Any suggestions on a middle name for Annabelle? DF's wants Maree cause it'...

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Annabelle Lee or Annabelle Rose


Ava or Alara

Hi, my husband and I cant decide on a name for our 2 week old little girl. I love the name Alara ...

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Beautiful name Ava


Your opinion on...

Wyatt... Hubby has decided that if we have a boy it will be Wyatt Nicholas. I loved it to start w...

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I like it. It's a beautiful name!


Can't decided a middle name, help??

Hi ladies, I've chosen the name Preston but cannot find a middle name suitable with my last ...

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James is always a good one?


Need a special boys name

So far our short list comprises of Theo Talos Zale I'm looking for thoughts on our short li...

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hi please tell me what you think of each of our name choices Girl: Eve Evie Ivy Isla Poppy P...

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I actually love most of these names, some are on my list as well!. Violet, Lily and Poppy are on my girl's list (husband likes ...


My baby boy is 3 weeks old no name????

Can't decide on baby boy name need initial j as siblings are all j names Jasmine Jessica Jay...

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I vote for Jacob too


New Here

I want baby girl name start with M

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Maddison Madeleine May Mary Mia Megan Maria Matilda Molly


Max Walker???

Hi all, My hubby and I love the boys name Max. Our surname is Walker. Does this name sound fa...

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It is the name of an Australian cricketer of the 80's who then became a commentator in the 90's. I'm thinking he mus...


Finley boy or girls name

Hi All, I am due to have a baby boy next month and love the name Finley. I am a little worried w...

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Finley is a name I have on my boys name list (but hubby doesnt like it ) It can be used for girls too but I personally think of it...


help need baby boy j names

my baby boy is 8 days old and haven't named him yet he has 4 siblings all with the letter j ...

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I like Jacob. My little boy is called Jake


Our Choices

So we are due mid October and although we don't yet know the sex of this little one, we have...

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The names that got away - what did you almost name your child?

Tell us your runner up names!

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"Cowgirl" names lol

Odd question I know! Give me your best cowgirl name lol. So far we have Lainey, Dusty and Dixie.

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Boy's name Beckett?

Hello, I'm due to have Baby Boy #3 in a matter of days and we're still unsure of a name...

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Congratulations on bubs xxxx

Mummy of boys

MAXTON for a boys name - is it too weird?

We are expecting our 3rd boy and are after a different name... I think I like Maxton but I'm...

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I like Max but in all honesty maxton just sounds made up to me. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing if that is the case but tha...


Irish middle name or not? Please help!

Hello! Bub #3 on the way, and I am have a hard time deciding which name would best suit her. My ...

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Mummy of boys

Help!!!! 3rd boy and need a name to go with his brothers

We are expecting our 3rd boy and need a name to go with brothers Flynn and Harlan. We are struggl...

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Just shooting in the dark here but a few ideas. And hey, even if you don't like any of them, it's a start on ideas. - ...


I have 3 children and expecting number 4 to another man

I left my husband 3 years ago, who i have had 3 children with and since then I have met a man who...

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classy names.. boy and girl

I'm driving myself mad trying to think of baby names... So far we like Heidi for a girl. For...

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i Suggest you some classy names Anferne, Quince Saylor Brax


need some help with a girls name...

hi all I am not sure about a name i came up with yesterday for a girl. We have a boys name pick...

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My baby girl name is Olivia .They've been favorites of mine since I usually prefer uncommon or unique baby names. Willow Frey...