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Baby Names


Name regret :-(

Hi everyone, I need help, advice, support. My DD is 1yo and everything is perfect...except her na...

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Help! Boy names!!

We need ideas on boys names! We always seem to struggle with them!!! We already have 2 boys and h...

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Anyone else like Boys names for girls?

I'm liking boys names for girls, last names for first names or words or 'non-names'...

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What about Diesel Eva? I love this one. Eva (name) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eva Gender Female Origin Word/name Latin, ...


Girls name to go with....

Hi I have found out I'm pregnant with 5th Bub. We won't find out the gender of Bub and ...

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I love Alaska! How about Ariya, Aurora, Luna, Koda, Chynna, Deja, Tiara, Alinta, Sahara, Dakota, Norah, Saylor, Cierra, ....I shou...


Calling all name experts...

My little girl is called Lotus, im 20wks pregnant...we have a boy name sussed, any name ideas for...

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I love Lotus! It's on my list for middle names. Are you wanting a theme or pattern? For example, flowers or nature, like Lotus?...


Makenzie rae ??

Hi i Need help with deciding on middle names for our 3rd babygirl First name Makenzie Middle n...

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My girls are Fijian, they have extra long names! Safahri-Jade Vilìame Naulumatua Bitu and Leilahni-Rayne Kinita Naulumatua Bitu. Wh...


In need of a unique Baby Girl Name

Hi All I'm due to have my 4th Child in a couple of weeks and I'm struggling to pick out...

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Wow loving these unique names!! Sorry I don't have suggestions, but I will add my vote that I love Zaiahna-Leah... hope you get...



Need ideas for our 2nd baby boy. Names we have thrown around include Oscar, Cohen, Dexter, Feli...

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Sometimes, bubs doesn't look like the name you've picked for him. I quite like Felix and Asher as names, but I like to tr...


Ava, Ella or Isla

Hi all, just wondering if we could get some name advice? I don't like asking friends and fam...

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Feedback on a name please

Hi we would love some honest (but nice) feedback on a name we like. We aren't sure what we...

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Oakley sounds cool - I haven't heard of it as a name before, but I like it! Think of the nicknames that would come of it though...


Holly or Hollie?

When I look up what people think on these spellings I end up finding Americans who tend to think ...

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Hollie is my preferred spelling


Lucy or Darcy

Hello - just wanted to get any opinions on Lucy vs Darcy - I love both names and will probably wa...

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Bit late to the discussion, but I'm called Darcey and despite that being the female spelling of the name I have never received ...


2nd daughter

Hi. Looking for some help with a girls name to go with Patricia as a middle name. Was thinking so...

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is 'lily' too popular now in nz?

Hi guys, I had my heart set on Lily as a name for our baby girl, having thought it was quite uniq...

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I like Leila Grace but also Leila Scout


Baby name help

Our second princess is due to be born in 3 weeks and we haven't decided on a name! There ar...

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I feel like Havana isn't really a princess name, it is a cigar specialist shop. Do you have a connection with Cuba? Cuban cigar...


Help us choose a name before I jump off a cliff

OMG someone, anyone, please help us. This naming an entire human responsibility is going to cause...

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You always personally inspect your landing spot for hazards and the necessary depth. Toss a rock straight out from the cliff and u...


Baby boy #5 - Why are names so hard


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Can not think of a name!

Hi, I am 29 weeks pregnant and can not think of a name, me and my DH do not even have a list, w...

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Hi, I find it very delightful to see how couples are excited about their child and are curious to find the best name possible for th...


Elegant middle name for Cressida

I am searching for a middle name for Cressida. I really want a lovely name that can be used as a ...

1 reply

what about Asteria


Sister for Lachlan & Eliza

Help! We are trying to decide on a name for our baby girl. She has 2 older siblings... Lachlan &...

3 replies

I love these two names Francesca and Scarlett. You can go for any of these two.


New Here

I want baby girl name start with M

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Marley Madalyn Maddie


I want to name my baby

Hello, everyone.Great to have this forum to share issues. So this is meant to be a small issue bu...

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Talk about the baby as (preferred name) use it lots in conversation, it will start to sound like that is the natural name of the bab...


Hurley - Meaning = Sea Tide

Like! Hurley sounds unique and the meaning is just appropriate since you live by the beach.

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Natalie_272 wrote: Thank you its a bit different the name hurley iv never heared of any one with it came across it looking for a bea...


Middle name help please

Hi there, For little girl #2 we are thinking of Tabitha or Phoebe. But can't think of middle...

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I like Rose but it is my niece's name, so not sure about using it again.


Help ! I need some baby name ideas GIRL

Can I please have some Baby name ideas for a little girl ???? I have two sons already Rhylan and ...

3 replies

Lucinda Annabel Francesca (Frankie) Violet Scarlett


Help me choose.

Trying to find the perfect name for Mr 2. Mr 1 is called Maxwell Cann (Cann being the last name)....

4 replies

Edward, George, and Henry like most.


Millie or Aria

I need help! I can't decide on a name for our daughter. I'm looking for a beautiful, un...

4 replies

I love more Aria it's quite catchy.


Emerson for a girl?

Hi! My hubby and I are loving the name Emerson for a girl, possibly Emerson Marie after her Aun...

6 replies

I love the name but the second name I am not sure of.


Unusual baby names

Hi I am pregnant with bub#5! I'm stuck on baby names for girl or boy. Our 4 childrens names ...

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Girl Name.... Stella or Lucy?

Hi all we are struggling to confirm names for our baby girl. Please help..... current thoughts ar...

2 replies

Stella Grace or Lucy Estelle are both beautiful. I think every combination you have chosen are lovely.


Has anyone else done the 'IntelliGender' Test?

Has anyone else done the 'IntelliGender' Test? My DP and I did the test this weekend. I was wonde...

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Is the website to buy it? Or should buy on Pharmacy online?


Logan and Lincoln

I have a 3.5yo son called Logan. I am due with #2 (another boy) in 3 weeks and right from the sta...

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Surprise Gender Sibling for Theodore (Teddy)

I really really really love Dorothy (Dolly) but I'm a bit worried 'Teddy and Dolly'...

1 reply

My friend has a girl called Edith nick names Edie. Struggling to think of more girls names. Boys names Arthur (Artie) Alfred (Alfi...


Looking for a unique/uncommon name boy name!!!!

Hey guys, We are looking for a name for our 3rd son due early September. We are totally stuck!! ...

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Huggies Support

Top 100 Baby Names in Australia has just been released - is your's on the list?

The Top 100 Baby Names list is released each year by social researchers McCrindle. This list, rel...

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Need your thoughts and suggestions

I am expecting baby #2 in May and hubby and I cannot agree on names. So far we have come up with ...

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What about Asher Margaret for a girl instead of Ashleigh? Amelia and Asher sound good together. Also like Scarlett. And Hayden


Boys names to go with Olivia?

Hi All, Hoping someone can suggest a boys name that goes nicely with Isabella, Sophia & Olivi...

4 replies

Isabella, Sophia,Olivia & Carter Benjamin Zachariah Lucas Fletcher Lucas Jasper Benjamin Parker Lucas Hunter Benjamin Ryde...


Sister for Ivy and Scarlette

I like vintage girls names and need another girls name to go with her sisters Ivy and Scarlette.....

5 replies

Audrey Lillian Bridget Vivienne Margaret Olivia Faith Louise Aubrey Hope Elizabeth Evelyn Genevieve Harriet Isadora Arabella


Finlay vs Finley

Finlay vs Finley Any thoughts? Apparently Finlay is the more traditional spelling, I personally ...

4 replies

Beautiful name Finlay is best easy to grasp and can be hooked in mind


Aria or Ariana?

I'm not sure if I want to call my baby girl Ariana, or the shorter version Aria. The middle ...

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I prefer Ariana with Aria as a NN