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Barrymore, opinions please Lock Rss

hi my husbands pops name was barrymoore and if i was to have another child my husband would like to use his name.
what do you all think. for a boy/girl or too old.

honest opinions please.
oh and i hate barry for short

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

I would say its a boys name, and i would suggest using it as a middle name - i have only heard of it as a surname (Micheal/Drew Barrymore), not sure its suitable for a first name, but it is your decision grin
I too have only ever heard this as a surname... not that that matters..

I just think if you hate Barry then dont use it as a first name as there is a huge chance that your child will end up being called this as a shortened name by his peers, teachers and other people so If you wouldnt like that do use it as a first name..

I dont mind the name (it sounds quite distinguished) but feel it would be more suited for a boy than a girl.
I don't mind it. But I do think it lends itself to Barry as a nickname - or Bazza even (which I think is worse!).

I like the name Barrington (the geek on the Dominos ad) and also quite like Berrick.

Definitely a boys name though.
Def a boys name. I can't say i'm a fan but if I had to use it I would use it as a middle name.

it is a boys name.
i would use it as a middle name
good luck

mel, vic, ethan and locke

Definately boys name

I really really dont like and dumped a guy in my teens because his name was Barry LOL

I hated it that much and if you dont like its not like you can get rid of your child......

it will definately get barry or bazza for short.

id use it as a middle name but honestly i think it sounds a little old fashioned and i just think of Drew Barrymore when i hear it.

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