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What do you ladies think of the name Lyla for a girl? Pronounced li-la?
And how common do you think William has become?

Lyla is beautiful - I love it but unfortunately my niece is lilly so a little too similar so off the list.

William....i think its always been a fairly common name in all age groups.

Hi, I like Lyla.
My neice is Leela and my cousins daughter is Lyra and people always comment on how pretty they are. I think Lyla is very cute.

As for William, i dont know, and never have met anyone called William.

Thanks girls
Lyla is quite a different name for us to choose. Our sons name is Ben so you can tell we are pretty plain people. I do love it though.I will have to talk DH into it.

If we had had a daughter my DH wanted to call her lealou (or leelu). He's liked the name ever since he watched the movie "Fifth Element".But I can't see us using the name with 2 boys and the 3rd and final boy due in feb next year.

Newcastle Mum - 3rd boy due 14 Feb 08

I like Lyla, Its really pretty smile I say go for it. And William is a good name, it doesn't date. I know a couple of williams (aged around 23), they are good dependable guys smile

Bela: If you were to use "Leelu", you'd be lucky to get many who picked up on it, I know it cos i love the movie smile Its like the use of "serenity" if you don't know the movie/series you'd just think its a hippy name grin Tell DH its a good choice grin pity you wont be using it sad
lyla is a nice name, it is something different, as for william, i know quite a few of them, i think that name is becoming very popular


an alernative spelling is Laila -which is Norwegian. A very pretty name.
I love the name Lyla!

I think William has started to become more common, but its still a nice name!
awww i have to say lyla reminds me of lilo (the blow up beds!) but thats just me...!!!

how about leila or layla? I think that name is so pretty, I wanted it for this 1 but my Ds is Taylor....

I like william, I think its a very strong and traditional name. And I don't think every second boy has it either, i only know of one.
I think lyla is a very pretty name, the spelling is pretty and different. But it reminds my of futurama?sp? that tv show....
and leelu from the fith ever since i saw that movie i was going to name my son corban dallas!!! LOL I have an Ethan instead.

William is a very nice strong boys name, you cant go wrong with a name like that it doesnt date. My son plays with a boy at childcare named william, he has a brother named jack and a little brother named Harry..... So that a family who like traditional names, but i love the name william, my DH doesnt he wants to name the next son....if we have one, Noah.

Im having issues finding a girls name i really love, im glad you found one!!!

Ethan 31/7/05 baby due 2/8/09

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