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Help...My Husband want Chaos!!!! Lock Rss

We're expecting our third son in Feb next year and my DH wants to name him 'CHAOS'.

I like a name that is a little unusual so when I got to name our first son I chose 'Shaniel Peter', my DH insisted that he got to name our second son. In the delivery room he told me he had chosen the names 'Chaos Diabolick',after a rather heated discussion we ended up naming him 'Jaymin Cornelius'.

Now my husband is adament that our third (& last) child will be name 'Chaos Antonious'.

Do you like the name "CHAOS" or is it just asking for trouble?
Your honest opinions would be so greatly appreciated!

Newcastle Mum - 3rd boy due 14 Feb 08

Don't do it is all I can say. I can't even imagine how much your son would get picked on for having the name "Chaos".

What about a name that is 'similar' to "Chaos", perhaps something like "Carlos" or the like. I like the Middle name,
"antonious" very different grin

Good luck smile
Oh no! Sorry, but that is not a name/word I would use to name a child. It is asking for trouble (thats my opinion).

Hope you can work it out

It's just the opposite to Angel..

Sorry, but is your DH kidding?

i like unusual names but you have to think of the child... would you want to grow up being called chaos?

i think you need to really think hard before allowing hubby to name this child something like that.

im not trying to be rude but im sure there are other unusual names that wont subject the child to ridicule later in life
I actually do like the name but it really is an open invitation for others to take the pi$$

Chaos is my dog's name. I don't think its very good for a human though.

Naming a person Chaos is like naming them Trouble or whatever. Not good.

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

I think your husband is being really selfish. Its not a matter of liking the name its the fact that some poor child is going to be referred to as 'Chaos' for the rest of its life (or at least until its old enough to change the name)

Honestly if i was named chaos i would be wondering what my parents really thought of me. It would give me a complete complex about being loved or not, and not to mention the years of emotional scars inflicted by the all too common play ground cruelty inspired by 'the kid with the weird name'

Would it be a coincidence to ask if your hubby has a liking for punk-rock or grunge music, it just sounds like he has this image in his head of what the child will grow up to be like and its probably along the lines of a 23yr old bloke with a mohawk, dye it black with red tips, be tanned and gorgeous and have jimmy hendrix come santana fingers when playing a guitar in a hot band making a fortune......and the liklyhood of that actually happening is slim to none....and i cant see the name suiting anyone but that doesn't fit this description.

My hubbie just said it sounds like a porn stars screens name.....and can you imagine a 70 year old name filling in his veterans card form with the name chaos? Or being asked what your name was and having to assure everyone that really is your name

Sorry to be so harsh but i think the damage inflicted if you were to use this name will be far greater.


we have 3 boys too and our house is always chaos!calling a baby chaos is cruel and plain stupid(my honest opinion) how long until he will change it by deed poll?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Chaos wouldn't make a bad second name. (and it would hopefully please dh?) It's the kinda second name that if the kid/teenager/adult likes it, he can use it when and where he feels like, or if he doesn't like it's not your first name... easy to ignore.

maybe Antonio Chaos "last name here" would satisfy dh?

My husband also has some strange idea's about names (Curly & Shame ....) you really need to think about the child - they'd be ridiculed at school - I personally wouldn't go for it.

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